3 Interesting Puzzle Games To Try Out For Kids

Puzzle games have been around for quite a while. And, they’ll be one of the few games that’ll stay for a very long time into the future. There are many reasons why these games are highly favored by the old and young, not least of which is the fact that they are a great tool for self-correcting learning, they encourage superior hand-eye coordination and can help promote fine and incredibly articulate motor and intellectual skills.

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Considering how important these games already appear to be, it would come as a surprise to many that for children, puzzle games can take on an even greater level of importance. This goes beyond just making their playtime more worthwhile and productive. Also, Check- runescape gold

It is so because when introduced to the right puzzle games, children can acquire math skills more easily and even build on their language skills as well. As you can see, this can prove to be a very valuable resource if the child is having problems in school. And, even if they aren’t, good quality puzzle games help them ensure that they stay sharp, focused, and always eager to learn.

To that end, here are a few games that you can introduce to your ward to further foster the spirit of learning in them as well as make comprehension a similar and more engaging exercise and affair!

The Sinal Game

The Sinal game is one of those few games out there today that seems to combine simplicity and efficiency without almost any effort.

Before going into greater detail about the contents of the game itself, let’s take a quick look at the graphics and just how intuitive the gameplay as a whole is.

To start with, your kids are afforded a high level of convenience with this game, thanks to the unique platform that it is one. What this means is that you don’t even have to log in on the Mana Monster platform before you can play the game!

This is amazing because you can choose to or not to commit to the game all while your ward enjoys it without any reservation at all!

Now, let’s see what the game itself has to offer.

It is designed with simple graphics and created in a classroom setting. The larger portion of the screen is dominated by the chalkboard on which the math puzzles your kid is to answer will appear.

In essence, when they click the start button, they are faced with a math question and a chalk line that starts to recede immediately. They are presented with a value, an empty circle, another value, and then an answer.

At the bottom of the table are four mathematical symbols. These are the plus, minus, divide, and multiply symbols. What your kids have to do is click on the sign that will fill the empty circle and give the answer that they see.

For every answer that they get right, they are awarded two marks and when they don’t hit the right sign, one mark is deducted from their score.

The game ends when the chalk line has receded completely. It is fun, simple, and remains one of the best tools out there to help kids of 6 and above solve math problems easily!

Scratch & Guess Animals

If your ward has a keen love and appreciation of the animal kingdom, then one puzzle game you simply have to share with them is the Scratch & Guess Animals game! This is another simple yet highly engaging 2D puzzle game that you can use to help broaden your kids’ horizons without turning their playtime into a study lesson.

Although this game is specifically designed for one player, your kids can all have a field day playing it together and having loads of often.

How it operates is this.

Once you click the start button, you’re taken to a highly intuitive user interface that features a covered picture, a collection of empty boxes of letters, and below that, random slates that each carry one letter of the alphabet.

The idea is for your kid to use the number of empty boxes at the bottom of the covered image to guess which animal is hidden under the picture.

When they guess the animal right, they are rewarded with coins and shown the image of the animal. However, if they are having a bit of trouble naming the animal, they can use out of the 200 coins they automatically get to either cancel out an alphabet, get an alphabet hint or reveal the image of the animal so they know what it is and name it more easily!

It doesn’t really get more fun than this!

Cut The Rope

Get ready to entertain not just your kids, but also yourself (if you can spare the time) with this amazing puzzle game! Very aptly named Cut The Rope, this game has managed to garner over 31, 000 gameplays in only the first few weeks since it came out, and soon, you’ll see why.

The very first thing that’s likely to capture and fully hold the attention of your ward is that this game features the legendary Om Nom, the candy chaser that every kid knows and loves today! When you couple this with the engaging gameplay that this puzzle comes with, you’ll see that its position as one of the top puzzle games out there today is more than duly deserved.

The premise of Cut The Rope is simple yet incredibly engaging. So much so that we have no fears or inhibitions recommending the game to even adults who want to enjoy a slow, thoughtful, and relaxing game.

This is how it works. Om Nom is positioned in one spot on the screen and you see a piece of candy tied by several ropes. All you have to do is cut the rope in a manner that ensures that the candy touches as many stars on its way to Om Nom’s mouth!

It’s simply lovely!

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