4 Sweatshirt Styles To Wear- Fashion guide for 2020

If you want to look stylish while staying quiet comfortable then there is no Menswear better than sweatshirts. In markets and online stores there are thousand of Sweatshirts with different styles, designs,patterns and colors. Mens Sweatshirts are also available in vibrant colors like red, green, blue,yellow and orange. Gone are the days when men were supposed to wear only nude colors. Now Menswear is equally vibrant and exciting. 

Winter season is just a few months away, and I believe all of you might be busy setting your winter wardrobe. Have you decided what to wear this season? If you want to stay warm and look elegant at the same time then there is no better winter item than sweatshirts. Following are the 4 sweatshirt styles and trends to wear this season. Let’s have a look at them. 

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4 Sweatshirt Styles To Wear: 

While selecting items for your winter wardrobe make sure you must have the following $ sweatshirt styles to wear in 2020-2021. 


The number 1 in the list of $ sweatshirts styles is “V neck” sweatshirt. This is one of the most essential winter items. The reason is that neck sweatshirts are very comfortable and look so elegant. V neck Sweatshirts are made up of wool and they are quite soft. You can use V-neck sweatshirts in various ways like wear it under a coat in the office or use it above the formal shirt and tie. Buy a thick woolen V neck T shirt from debby clarke belichick and wear it along with simple Blue Jeans. 

Sweatshirts mostly fall in the category of casual wear. But V neck sweatshirts can be worn in formal events as well like office meetings and dinners etc. V-neck Sweatshirts are available in a wide range of colors, if you like a little punk while dressing up then go for vibrant colors like red, yellow, pink or purple. But if you need a V-neck sweat shirt for some formal gathering, I would suggest you go for black, white or grey. 

Short Sleeve Sweatshirts: 

Short sleeve sweatshirts are mainly for those who love to create a street style look. Short sleeve sweatshirts fall in the category of casual menswear and you should have at least 1 short sleeve Sweatshirt this season. Short sleeve sweatshirts come in two styles,either they are sporty or oversized with Kimono-style sleeves. Oversized sweatshirts are best to create a comfortable yet a classy look. The best thing about these sweatshirts is they are so soft and easy to wear. You can pair it with blue/black jeans while going out with friends, or wear them with Pajamas while sleeping. Short sleeves sweatshirts are the best winter wear, you can find some really fine sweatshirts at xxxtentacion revenge hoodie. 

Lightweight Crew Neck: 

Lightweight crew neck sweatshirts are very close to v neck sweatshirts. Just like V-neck they are quite versatile and easy to wear winter items. Crew Neck comes in very light fabric and it has dozens of styles and patterns. You can buy hundreds of crew neck sweatshirts for a season and still don’t find any kind redundancies in your winter wardrobe. 

Crew Neck sweatshirts are available in different colors, you can find both vibrant and nude colors and both look great. Crew neck Sweatshirts can be dressed up and down, as per your convenience. Wear it above the Shirt and Tie, or wear it below the coat, it will give an elegant and stylish look. 

Athletic Half Zip Sweatshirts: 

Athletic Half zip Sweatshirts are best for the areas with intense winter seasons. Just like other sportswear Athletic half zip is made up of Polyester and keeps you warm and comfortable when temperature starts falling down. They are perfect Menswear for gym or any other activity that needs an extra clothing layer. Unlike the above 3 sweatshirt styles half zips are not meant to be worn in formal situations like office, meeting and dinners.

It is super easy street style and you can rock a half zip sweatshirt in many different colors. 

What is your favorite sweatshirt style and why? Share your winter wardrobe ideas with us.

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