5 Best Countries to Study (2021)

Can’t you choose the perfect study destination to carry out your educational project in 2021? Here we bring you 5 of the best countries to study. 

First, we want to give you some guidelines so that you can look to the best country for you and have a complete experience:

First choose the institution you want to go to or the educational program: An international student usually chooses the country where he wants to study according to the university or study program he wants to do. Your career goals are usually your first destination.

Try to choose a university according to your expectations and financial capabilities. Your investment in a graduate or undergraduate degree is quite high, it would not be worth realizing that you chose a career without accreditation to professionalize and practice in the country. This is why educational quality and the curriculum are essential to choose your destination.

Consider other factors: Students also consider other types of circumstances to choose the best country to study, one of them is the possibility of experiencing a new culture or several cultures, having adventure experiences, making new friends, expanding the professional network and obtaining immigration benefits.

Also do the Criminal History Check of the country you want to study for security purpose.

Now, let’s review the best countries to study abroad:


This great country can boast of having 7 universities in the world Top 100, which positions it as one of the best countries to study for its quality in higher education. It is the destination of choice for more than 270,000 international students.

In Australia, in addition to enjoying a privileged quality of life, you will be able to visit its impressive cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast among others … And, you will have the possibility of experiencing from the aridity of the desert and the humidity of the tropical forest, to the snow-capped mountains, breathtaking underwater landscapes, and everlasting beaches.

In addition, Australia is one of the best countries in terms of benefits for its international students – allowing them to work while studying even with language courses. In addition, there are so-called regional cities that offer very attractive migration opportunities.

To get more information about studying in Australia, please go to the News & Tips section of CatEight


With 260,000 foreign students and an educational system of international prestige, France is among the 10 best countries to study.

This country is the main destination to learn the language of love. After English, French is the second most learned languages and a great professional career that will allow you to communicate with more than 200 million people around the world. Furthermore, it is the language of international institutions such as the UN or UNESCO.

Also, its low tuition fees make your education much more accessible than in other countries.

If we talk about cities, Paris is always at the top of the best for international students. In it you will find a captivating historical atmosphere full of culture, as well as a hectic and glamorous nightlife.

From France you can travel at very low prices throughout Europe, so your trip can be infused with adventure and many different cultures at the same time.


In Canada, 6.5% of higher education students are foreigners and there are a total of 200,000 foreign students. Recognized as the most educated country in the world, Canada enjoys an excellent quality of teaching and three of its main cities are among the 15 most desired by international students. Toronto is the favorite.

In Canada you will live an intense cultural experience with significant differences between the regions. In this country you will be able to learn its two official languages and you will get to know its exuberant natural environment with guaranteed adventure time.

On the other hand, if your goal goes beyond an educational project abroad, Canada has options that will make it easier for you to achieve your life goals in this country.


Within this ranking we also find Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, Mexico or Costa Rica.

In the case of Spain, it has 60,000 and even more worldwide students and is positioned as the best Spanish-speaking country to study thanks to its fantastic educational system, with more than 70 universities, and the cost of living is low compared to other abroad countries.

In this sunny country, you will enjoy the history and culture, its towns and landscapes that will ensure you an adventure every weekend and, although it may not seem like it, Spain is recognized for the variety of adventure activities that you can do.

New Zealand

This country was ranked as the best country to study in 2019 and the second best to achieve your career goals.

New Zealand has 53,000 international students and, although its most famous attraction is its impressive nature and extreme sports, this country has a first-class education and places its 8 universities in the top 3% of of the world.

In addition, in New Zealand you can also work while you study, and if you complete postgraduate levels you will have many opportunities to have a good time in the country of kiwis.

This is a small guide that we hope will clear up some doubts regarding the best country to study abroad. If you want to know more about these or other destinations and plan to study abroad, you can go to CatEight.com to get more helpful information.

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