5 Criteria to Choosing the Best Luxury Watch

A wristwatch serves two purposes: it can tell you the exact time wherever and whenever you are while being an accessory on itself. You just have to pick the right style, design, and type of wristwatch that suits your needs and fulfills your desires. By doing that, you can be as comfortable and proud of wearing it. Some people want a sporty-look, but some want it to be classy and luxurious. 

If you are the type of person who is fond of luxurious things but is struggling to choose what luxury watch to grab from the store, let us give you an idea of the things you should look for before buying a luxury wristwatch. Check these characteristics and if you see them all, then it is time for you to let some cash-out and invest in that great, elegant, and worth buying timepiece!

5 Qualities of the Best Luxury Watch

  1. Choose a watch made of gold, silver, or diamond

The materials used to create and craft every detail of a luxury watch are something that you would have to examine before buying it. As far as possible, buy a luxury watch that is made from high-quality materials such as luxury watches with the resemblance of gold, silver, or diamond.

These materials appreciate value through time and will also add value and prestige to your chosen luxury watch. It will also help you if you are planning to sell it.

If you search watch brands and varieties that have the touch of gold, silver, or diamond in them, try searching on the Rolex shop. Their luxury watches are always made from high-quality materials, making their products unique, elegant, classy, high-end, and of course luxurious.

One of the most sophisticated women’s luxury watches is no other than the Rolex Lady Datejust as they offer the characteristics we have been looking for! Their Datejust watches are made from either Everose gold options inlaid with diamonds, and platinum with diamonds. In short, the combination of materials on each timepiece is high-end.

  1. Pick the best luxury watch brand 

Yes, you read it right! One characteristic we should look for in a luxury watch is its brand. Is it trusted or reputable? Do they have a great reputation for producing world-class and high-quality luxurious wristwatches? If yes, then it is worth your money! Whether we admit it or not, no one would ever want to invest money (especially if it is expensive) in something not reviewed by people! Ratings and reviews on shops also matter to us consumers!

To make it short, if you are planning to spend almost more than a hundred dollars, make sure it is reliable. These are 3 of the trusted luxury watch shops that we would like to recommend:

  1. Hermes Watches

Hermes is a French brand already established in making high-end, unique, and incomparable timepieces. They are well-known for producing iconic and nautically inspired luxury watches for men and women. People have been trusting them since the 19th Century as they progress from creating leather goods to crafting quality watches. Anyone can easily trust, invest, and buy on Hermes.

  1. Rolex Watches

The next stop is the Rolex Watches, which is also one of the most popular watch brands in the market. Rolex is a highly recommended shop as they make a wide range of watch sizes and designs with different high-quality materials. They are well-known for making quintessential men and women luxury watches that are extremely and remarkably durable. They have been the top choice for all adventurists and explorers who are fond of doing tremendous sports and daily activities.

  1. Cartier Watches

Cartier is also a reputable French watch brand that designs luxury watches for men and women. They are also known for producing other types of jewelry and accessories like rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Someone fond of luxurious things would love to stumble on Cartier shops.

3. Check its durability

Of course, we want our luxury watch to last for a long-time especially if we see it as an investment. So the next thing we should examine on its qualities is its durability. But how can we say that it will last for a long time? First, you must find a watch that has gone through different paces of quality assurance. For instance, Rolex ensures the durability of their product by testing if it can handle deep water, extreme altitudes, and hard knocks.

4. Be sure that it comes with an extra strap

Watch straps can be metal, leather, rubber, or nylon. The most common are metal and leather, which surely work on all your needs and fit all situations, while rubber and nylon are being used for a more sophisticated and unique look.

However, each has its advantages and disadvantages, but what matters is that you are ready! What does it mean? It is a bonus if you can find a luxury watch with an additional strap in its package so that you do not have to worry about searching for a complementing strap on it whenever it gets damaged.

5. Find a watch guaranteed with free repair services

If you happen to purchase a luxury watch with a leather strap (which is less durable) and in In case that your luxury watch needs repair, it is best if you can easily bring it back to the shop and have it repaired for free! Ask for warranties and make sure that what you have on-hand is guaranteed with a lifetime repair service or at the least a year of warranty.

In a Nutshell

You always need to be wise in all situations, and part of it is when purchasing a luxury watch! With the tips that we have elaborated for you and with these five best qualities of a luxury watch we have listed, all you have to do is to find that perfect timepiece!

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