5 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Time Clock Software

Online time clock software can provide businesses with many various benefits. However, chances are you’ve not been using your software to its full potential. You may have been making some or even all of these five costly mistakes. 

In this article, we’ll outline some common mistakes employers make and how rectifying them can improve your business and save you money and time by making the most out of your time clock software’s capabilities. 

1. Not Taking Advantage Of All The Features

Suppose you’re only using your online timecard system to allow employees to punch in and out of work. In that case, you are missing out on a whole host of features and benefits that are available to you and your business by using the software. 

One of the critical time clock software features that are most beneficial is payroll integration. This allows businesses to quickly and automatically process employee payroll, so employees get paid faster and more accurately. By automating this process, you can save time and money on manual payroll expenditures.

Another feature to take advantage of is employee productivity tracking. Many time clock solutions allow you to track an employee’s activity while they are punched in. You can see precisely how much they spent on a particular task, project, or at a specific location. This can help eliminate problems in the workplace, improve workflow and boost overall efficiency by ensuring that employees stay on task. 

2. Ignoring Resources Available To You 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an employer is to go about using your time clock without taking advantage of all the available resources. Things like customer support, informative articles, and videos, as well as other user feedback, are a great way to improve the performance of your time clock software and, as a result, improve your business. 

Taking full advantage of these resources will help you make full use of your online timesheet software and get the most out of your investment. If you’re not sure what kind of resources are available to you, just ask! Your timesheet management vendor can provide you with details on where to find these invaluable resources. 

3. Having Zero Managerial Oversight 

Employers sometimes believe that having time clock software that automates much of the process of punching in and out, payroll, and scheduling means that no managerial oversight is necessary at all. This is not the case. 

Even with an automated system, errors can still be made. While full-time supervision is not necessary, having a manager available to make sure that time cards are accurate, employees are punching in and out on schedule and that everything else is running smoothly is key to a properly functioning work environment.  

4. Giving Employees Too Much Control

One thing that can lead to workplace difficulties when using time clock software is giving employees too much control over when, where, and how they punch in and out. Some programs allow employees to punch in or out remotely from their personal devices. This will enable them to earn hours while not necessarily being productive. 

Another issue is that an employee may abuse the system to earn overtime pay, skip mandatory breaks, or complete personal business while on the clock. Most work tracking software has features that send out notifications and alerts when an employee works over their scheduled hours, misses breaks, or punches in or out early from their shift.

These features can help eliminate time clock abuses by employees and ensure they’re staying productive and on task.

5. Making Undocumented Or Unfounded Changes To Time 

Employers have to be held accountable for how they use time clock software as well. Making changes without the proper documentation can lead to problems if the company is audited for labor law violations or has to provide timesheet data for employee pay records.

Making changes to employee hours will occur from time to time, and without proper documentation, it can lead to severe problems.

Unfounded changes are another issue that can lead to numerous problems and even severe legal penalties. Making changes to an employee’s timesheet or work hours for reasons such as avoiding overtime or so that an employee appears to have taken proper breaks can result in labor law violations and hefty fines. It is essential always to follow the law regarding employee timekeeping. 

Time tracking can be challenging, but if you take these five common mistakes into account, you can drastically streamline and improve the process. 

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