5 Uses of Speech Recognition Technology in 2021

What is Speech Recognition Technology?

Voice assistants keep demonstrating an impressive impact on our life. They are incorporated in computers, cars, smartphones, smartwatches, etc. Perhaps you have already heard about such assistants as Cortana, Siri, Alexa, etc.

Incorporated recognition technology allows people to explain themselves verbally to a device or a computer. Next, it converts these queries into text and provides answers.

It looks like speech recognition technology will develop and soon become an irreplaceable attribute of a modern person. So let’s look at the innovative uses of speech recognition technology in 2021, discovering what aspects of life would be difficult to imagine without it.

Where is Speech Recognition Technology Used?

According to a recent report of Speechmatics, industries are widely using voice technologies and can boast first great results. Among them are banking, entertainment, insurance, financial, and transcription services.

Businesses realize impressive opportunities of speech recognition technology and use it for enhancing incomes and efficiencies. In this article, we are going to discuss 5 innovative uses of speech recognition technology in 2021.

All types of transcription

The E-learning market is experiencing impressive transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The recent events increased the popularity and importance of e-learning platforms. People all over the world had to use language applications, video conferencing tools, virtual tutoring, and other online educational software.

Here is where speech recognition technology plays a significant role. Captions allow students to understand lessons better. They can track what the speaker has said in real-time. Moreover, access to a reliable transcription after having the lesson gives extra learning tools to assist with extraction as much use as possible. That’s why automatic transcribing software appears to be a significant tool for achieving the best outcome.

Subtitling and captioning

Valuates Reports.com mentions that the market of global captioning and subtitling solutions is expected to increase the income by the end of 2025. You can easily turn audio and video content into a text-based format with captioning and subtitling services. This way, human editors and transcribers can review and adjust the product. If you want to remember the recent events connected with the pandemic, and as a result of the appearance of numerous videos, professional subtitling services seem to be a good idea.

Customer experience and analytics

While talking about the adoption of voice technology, contact centers should be obligatorily mentioned. They are the first who use and develop the following technology. The services can capture, structure, and analyze all information that they get from voiced communication.

This way, specialists can understand particular patterns in data and try to predict upcoming results. Now, finding a necessary file is not challenging since search and index making of interactions are easier.

Agents need less time to find the most effective solutions, hence boosting customer experience. With an automated transcription service, contact centers transform audio into text format and use the result to gain effective insights from chatbots, email interactions, and instant messaging with clients.

Automatic command and control

The rapid development of technologies and concern over hygiene issues because of the pandemic created an excellent foundation for increasing the popularity of voice assistance. At present, using voice commands rather than touchscreens seems to be safer and more attractive. It is even more true for vehicles.

Voice commands make your move safe, and still, you can control the surroundings. You do not need to use a touchscreen to turn on the volume of the stereo or perform another action. The command actually doesn’t matter, as speech should be rendered into the text accurately. This is when transcription companies can help you get a high-quality text-based output.

Web conferencing transcription

Even before the pandemic, web conferencing was quite popular with businesses of all sizes. The companies widely used Teams, Zoom, and other such tools. However, Zoom managed to cope with the users’ requests and focused on the customer experience.

Voice technology is continuing to develop, and now we can see how most platforms are incorporating a speech-to-text option. It means that you can transcribe your audio calls and get valuable information. Every company that aims to take a piece of this extensive market due to the needs of the pandemic world has more chances to succeed in the long run.

Top 3 Voice Recognition Applications

Nowadays, we can observe an increasing demand for voice recognition applications in smart homes, banking, healthcare, retail, and plenty of other sectors. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Winscribe. It is effective for voice recordings from tablets, smartphones, computers, and other devices. One of the best features is the opportunity to identify deviations from regular workflow and cope with them easily and quickly.
  • Google Docs Voice Typing. This tool is a choice of popular companies and businesses all over the world. It allows you to format and edit the content in Docs with voice typing.
  • Speechnotes. Easy–to–use software. Let’s start dictating by simply clicking on the microphone. Built-in punctuation keyboard, several fonts, and other related features will help the users achieve their purpose with ease.

Still, if you have little experience of working with automated transcription software, then it is recommended to deal with professionals to save your time and effort. This way you can be sure that the result will be just what you need.

Speech Recognition Technology: The Future

Despite the impressive pace of voice recognition technology and artificial intelligence, people will see even more in the near future. Technology has incredible potential for personal, business, and academic areas.

The industry is attracting more and more companies that are experimenting with integrating their own services and products with voice assistants. Speech recognition technology is surely a call of the present and aims to become a major trend in the upcoming days.

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