6 Little-Known Ways To Upcycle Metal Storage Containers

It’s not yet the end for things when they are old and broke. Getting rid of these might not be the best option to do all the time. Some might not be worthy yet of being dumped. Upcycling is one way to turn junk into gems.

By applying a little imagination, trash-to- be items can still be of use. And besides, it has environmental, social, and personal benefits. When doing so, you are environmentally conscious. At the same time, you are saving money and resources.

You can even make a profit. It is a stress reliever on some. Also, let oneself be more innovative. When you look around your home, you can find many objects to upcycle. Metal storage containers are good pieces for upcycling. They are light-weight and durable. Just perfect for repurposing. If you are curious about how to refashion your metal storage containers. Here are some simple ideas.

  1. Metal Storage Container Turned Furniture

Give your metal storage containers a second life. If you have old unused metals bins, don’t throw them away yet. Regardless of its size, you can turn it into another useful stuff – a table. Clean and repaint the bin to have a newer look.

For rustic style, you may want to paint it black, brown, or silver. Then have a wooden circular lid as thick as a regular table would be. The wooden lid makes it more rustic looking. It is more durable and cheaper. Make sure the lid fits well to the size of the bin.

Varnish the lid to make it water-resistant. You may add rope handles to the lid for easy lifting. Then you can use it as a coffee table, a kitchen table, or a study table. As well as, you can store home stuff as many as you want.

  1. Cylinder Metal Tub Planters

Metals tub is best to keep beverages cool while serving. But, will it still be useful when it already has holes? Yes, you can make a planter out of it. Planters need to have holes for irrigation. Cracks and holes on the metal tub are just perfect for it.

The basic thing to do is to clean the tub. You may prefer to repaint or leave it as it is. To upgrade, tie two or three tubs vertically with a rope. Create a knot on the upper part to make hanging metal tub planters. 

  1. Coin Bank

Another use of old metal boxes and tin cans is to make it a coin bank. It is important to tidy up the containers to avoid rust inside. You may refurbish it by paint or add designs. Cover it with plastic or wooden lids. Make a hole on the cover where you can insert the coins. It saves a lot of money—no need to buy piggy banks to save. You may even sell these coin banks and earn more.

  1. Tin Can Caddy Set

You may use the tin can caddy as an organizer for different supplies. Examples of such are silverwares, bathroom essentials, art supplies, garden tools, and hardware tools. You can make a caddy by collecting tin cans.

You can have six cans of the same size. Make sure to clean them thoroughly. Grab some paint brushes and paint them in any color you desire. While drying the paint, find a small wooden board. The size should be fit enough for three cans to be placed on both sides of the board. Pain it as well.

Its thickness should be enough to put screws on it. It is where three cans will be fastened with a screw-on on each side. Lastly, attach a handle at the top part of the board. It can be a rope, a wood, or a metal handle. 

  1. Wire Basket Bookshelf

Having too many books makes it difficult at times to organize. If all your shelves are already full, where else can you put the books? If you have an old rectangular wire basket, you can do simple drilling on your wall. Then install the basket where the bottom of the basket faces the wall just like the usual shelves look like. It will be easier to grab books this way.

  1. Round Wire Basket Chandelier

An industrial chandelier is a trend nowadays. It is minimalist yet purposeful. If you have a round wire metal basket and hardware tools, you can create one. Just look for a light bulb and clean up an old round wire basket.

Create a hole in the center of the basket, the exact size to fit the bulb. You might use a light bulb that is already mounted on the ceiling or a flat piece of wood. Some light bulbs are hung from the ceiling. Best to ensure that it is fall-proof. 

In Conclusion

Indeed, it is productive to do upcycling. You may think metal storage containers are only for storing, but they can be more than that. You can repurpose them into different types of tables plus storage. They can be useful home decors such as planters, caddy, and bookshelf. It is even possible to make them a chandelier. Pretty amazing, right? We hope these simple ideas have been helpful. 

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