6 Reasons Why Diesel Is One Of The Best Fashion Brands In 2021

It is not every day that we see a brand break the standards. Diesel has been at the forefront of innovative fashion for years now. Founded in 1978, the Italian brand has come a long way and even ventured into the world of horology.

Much like their style in fashion, their wristwatches are just as bold and unique. This fashion watch brand caters to the youth who are always on the lookout for new trends. After all, they are known for incorporating urban culture and it reflects in each timepiece they create. Here are 5 reasons why Diesel continues to break the norm in fashion.

  1. Unique and creative styles.

Although Diesel is known for its high-quality jeans, the company has partnered up with Fossil for its wristwatches. This collaboration continues to deliver fun and extraordinary pieces. Bright colors, unique shapes, and eye-catching styles- that is what Diesel is known for.

Take into account the new Diesel Fadelite smartwatch. Released in 2020, this wristwatch comes in four colorways. The transparent strap, translucent hardshell, and interactive dial animations make this piece iridescent. For a more industrial look, Mr Daddy collection has the best pieces.

Though this brand is on par with Gucci and Kate Spade, Diesel can also be classified as an affordable luxury. You can click this link to check the Diesel watch price of your favorite pieces. The Watch Company is always updated on the latest pieces and even gives discounts to its clients! It is one of the most visited websites, aside from e-Bay when it comes to Diesel pieces. 

  1. Affordable wrist watch prices.

With innovative designs and styles, Diesel remains affordable for the masses. Though their main market is the youth, several professionals also sport their pieces. A men’s Diesel dual automatic watch is around $100 – $300, depending on the model.

With such prices, you will get the most out of your money. Some luxury pieces are only around $1,000 – $5000, which is still not bad given the quality and movement. There are several models to choose from, depending on the look that you are going after! 

  1. Limited edition pieces

Their wrist watches are great for everyday use. But like any other well-known watch brands, Diesel has released a few limited edition pieces that most watch collectors look for. Some even feature diamonds, which is a step up from their regular line of wristwatches.

The company also sells collector’s items, like the infamous Batman Dark-Knight model. Another limited edition piece is the Mister Cartoon Chronograph Watch on the black dial and gold-tones oversized Roman numerals. And just like some luxury timepieces, some of their wristwatches are also appreciated over time.

  1. The brand takes a step towards environmental awareness.

Only a few companies commit to going beyond their comfort zone. The brand has launched a new strategy, which is called Responsible Living. Based on four pillars, Diesel continues to challenge the environmental impacts of the fashion industry. The brand is committed to seeking out innovative techniques when it comes to sourcing its materials and packaging.

They also enhance the traceability of their products and extends this practice to their suppliers. More than their concrete actions, Diesel fosters a sustainability culture within the company and their employees by promoting a safe work environment. As times go by, brands like Diesel is something that most people should patronize.

  1. They take care of their clients.

Aside from its environmental sustainability program, the brand also launched D: CODE. It is their way of saying to their loyal customers and fostering a global community. Through this program, members get first dibs on the newest collection by having early access. They also get to see sale previews or get invited to special events of Diesel. On top of that, members also get exclusive gifts from the brand. Such a program is a fun way to create a loyal customer base around the world.

  1. Diesel continues to break the norm. 

The company is more than just a fashion brand. It is composed of a global community that continues to rebel from obscurity and comfort. While this is clearly expressed in their designs, their strong and ironic campaigns are what people love about the brand. Through the years, the company is successful in personifying its goal: Living Successfully. The brand continues to generate social impact by supporting the Only The Brave Foundation, which aims to rebalance social inequality and create an impact on less advantaged areas around the world.

Shop Diesel Today!

Supporting the brand means more than getting a unique piece. It also means supporting a global foundation, fighting against negative environmental impacts, and being part of a global community. Paired with the latest technology and innovation, Diesel’s quality remains unwavering. For timepieces, make sure to check The Watch Company.

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