7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Highest Common Factor

As a student, you will come across solving mathematical problems now and then and knowing all the basic concepts is therefore important so that you can apply those concepts easily during solving the sums or equations.

The concept of the highest common factor is important to understand so that you can solve fractions and equations in a much simpler and faster way which is effective especially when you are planning to opt for any kind of competitive exam or simply when you have a board exam and you need to make your calculations faster. 

Let us first get familiar with the concept of the Highest Common Factor which is also known as the Greatest Common factor (GCF).  

In a set of two numbers, the highest common factor by the name itself is the largest whole number which is a factor of both. Factors are whole numbers that are multiplied together to get a product. For example, 4 and 5 are factors of 20 because 4 x 5 = 20. A number can have multiple factors and there can be multiple common factors between the two numbers but the highest or the greatest common factor can only be a single number whose value is the highest among the other factors. 

So, here are a few reasons why you should be learning the concept of the highest common factor. 

  1. Used in calculating fractions: HCF is used to calculate fractions and to make the denominators equal in a quick way. The easiest way is to find the HCF of both the numbers in the denominator and multiply them to get the desired number which will be equal on both sides. 
  1. Used in solving algebraic expressions: HCF is used in solving linear equations and is required in places where there are coefficients. Solving becomes easier with the help of HCF as the common factors are known hence substitution and other methods can be applied quickly.
  1. Word problems: There are many word problems in the concept of HCF and LCM. Application of the concept is necessary to solve those word problems with ease and hence It is important to learn HCF. It is also a great part of the syllabus in school and knowing this can help you ace other topics as well. 
  1. Useful for competitive exams: No matter what the exam is at any level, you need to know the concept of HCF so that you can solve many equations quickly and complete them within no time as, during entrance exams, time is necessary to be managed well hence it is an important topic to be covered. 
  1. In permutation and combination: HCF is also used in the concept of permutation and combination, to solve all the sums and arrange the data given into proper rows and columns. 
  1. Equal distribution: when we have a particular set of data and we need to split it equally into we can use HCF. With the help of the concept of HCF, you can equally distribute any number of sets of items into their largest grouping. This makes handling sets better. 
  1. Splitting things: When you want to split things into smaller sections, the concept of HCF can be utilized. It can be solved with the help of the prime factorization method and then applied to find the required data.  

The concept of HCF or GCF has always been important and is related to other topics as well and therefore teachers need to understand that including these topics in the curriculum is necessary and that’s not it, brushing up the concept and making students master these concepts is equally important as well, especially from the competitive exam point of view. 

In competitive exams, the questions are time-bound and hence it is important to know these concepts as it becomes easier to solve a lot of questions quickly. One can always rely on professional help like Cuemath for better learning of the concepts.

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