8 Best Apps For Tracking Your Personal Spending

To be financially successful, it is important to keep track of expenses. While some people are good at keeping all their receipts and remembering what they spend money on each day, others would rather use an app to help them out. There are several apps available for this purpose; however, here are our top picks for the best apps for tracking your personal spending! Also, check- buy cvv

  1. Mint:

Mint is a free app that helps you manage your money. It can help track your spending and set budgets to stay on top of things. The Mint app has been deemed the Best Personal Finance App by CNBC, Lifehacker, and Gizmodo, among many others! Plus, the app automatically categorizes your spending, so you don’t have to worry about that. You can also link it with a credit or debit card and receive alerts when changes are made to the account.

  1. Spendee:

The Spendee app is another great option. This expense tracking system helps you set financial goals, so you can work towards them throughout the year. The app also has a built-in budget planner that lets you track all your spending in one place. It allows users to create budgets for different categories of expenses and monitor them over time, as well as see how much money they have left at any given point in time. You can even enter cash transactions manually if needed! Best yet, Spendee makes it easy to keep up with your bills by sending reminders when they are due each month too!

  1. Pocket Expense Lite:
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This free personal finance application lets users record their daily purchases using GPS tracking. Best yet, it also has a built-in expense tracker that allows you to conveniently record your income and expenses over time with graphs so you can better visualize the money coming in versus what is going out. Plus, you can easily add custom expense categories and tags to better sort your expenses. If you find it difficult to find this app on the play store, you can get it here easily.

  1. My Expenses:

This app helps you track your spending and create a budget. You can set up different budgets, such as groceries or entertainment, which will show how much money is available for each of those categories during the month. It also categorizes transactions automatically so that it’s easy to see where all your money goes! Best of all, it has an option for tax calculations (for US users only) and setting reminders to pay bills on time.

Another great thing about this app is that if you happen to overspend in one category during the month, there’s no need to worry because you can move funds from other accounts into that account before it closes at midnight on the last day of the billing cycle! This keeps you from accruing late fees or overdrafts. Best of all, it’s available for both iOS and Android users!

  1. MoneyWise:
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Moneywise is an expense tracking app that can be used for both personal and business spending. It has the Best of 2017 Award from CNET, Best Personal Finance App by PC Mag, and Best Budgeting Tool by Good Housekeeping. Moneywise consists of different categories to help you get organized, including work-related expenses, home-based projects, travel expenses, etc., and it also includes a mileage tracker, which makes tax filing easier! If you are searching for more than just budgeting features, then this might be the right tool for you!

  1. Expensify:

Expensify is an award-winning expense tracking software used in over 50 countries around the world. It allows users to attach expenses to transactions such as receipts or bills automatically using their Smartphone’s camera; it also makes recording mileage easy with its GPS feature, which tracks distance travelled during business trips for reimbursement purposes. This software is completely free for individuals, which makes it a great option if you have a limited budget. This app also enables users to manage their budgets and view reports on spending patterns, thereby helping them become more financially responsible!

  1. Dollarbird:

Dollarbird offers financial planning tools like budgeting, savings goals, and investments analysis that will allow users to have a better understanding of their financial situation. This app also allows users to sync all bank accounts and credit card information which makes it an effective tool for expense tracking. Best of all, the software is free!

  1. Expense Manager:

This program provides a simple way to keep track of business expenses and mileage on one platform. The website offers various features such as password protection, uploading receipts, sending reports via email or text message, and exporting data into spreadsheet programs like Excel. While this program has many great benefits, some people have found that its user interface can be quite confusing; therefore, we recommend trying out the free version first before buying it if you need something more sophisticated.


Keeping track of your personal spending is a great way to save money and improve budgeting skills. By using an app instead of writing everything down, you will be able to view what you spend money on all in one place!

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