8 Boxing Workouts to Improve Your Hand Speed

Many of the best boxers in the sport’s history were able to achieve success because they had quick hands; hence, it is clear that training your hand speed in boxing is vital for success.Fast hands imply that your clinched fists reach the target faster and more explosively. Developing your hand rate should be an essential part of your training. Having quicker hands usually suggests that you have more power. The hardest punchers in boxing history, such as Mohammad Ali, Manny Pacquiao, and others(click here to see full list), possessed incredible speed to back up their explosive haymakers.

Make it a point to improve your hand speed the next time you’re in the boxing gym. We devised a few workouts that directly increase hand rate. Give it a go and see how fast you can get. 

  1. Shadowboxing

Shadowboxing encompasses everything! The more time fighters devote to this magnificent sport of boxing, the more they realize that shadowboxing is frequently all that is required. This basic approach allows you to work out in any way you want while not wearing out your joints or putting strain on your body. Also, check- Buy Steroids UK

This underappreciated practice may help you achieve almost everything in boxing, maneuverability, balance, power, synchronization, technique, variety, and, in our case, speed! Shadowboxing is among the most primitive kind of speed workouts.There’s no bag to stymie your strikes and no gloves to suffocate your hands. You’re pounding the air with merely the weight of your hands. With nothing to hold you back, this is the fastest you’ll ever be able to move your arms. Punch as fast as you can envision your combos. Shadowboxing can improve your mental pace, punch velocity, and speed. 

  1. Double End Bag

Because it is a fast-moving target, this double-end bag, like the speed bag, is particularly effective for improving your reflexes.It requires a keen eye and perfect timing, so concentrate on hitting the target quickly and precisely when using it.Begin with one or two strike combinations, and as soon as you have a good feel of the time, you may increase your combinations.

After a lot of practice, your mind and body reflexes will improve, becoming second nature. Also, check- Buy Steroids UK

  1. Speed Bag

The speed bag can help you with a number of things, but contrary to popular perception, it was not designed to enhance hand rate.Instead, it improves hand-eye coordination, timing, and the ability to hold one’s hands up.However, having solid hand-to-eye coordination means you’ll be able to mentally lock on the target faster and, as a result, strike the target just as quickly. 

  1. Rope jumping

Jumping rope is an additional excellent workout that is frequently used in boxing. Jumping rope, like push-ups, aids in the development of the muscular tissues responsible for quick and powerful punches, particularly the fast-twitch muscle tissue in your upper back and shoulders.

When you’re in rhythm, try increasing the speed at which you jump rope. This is significant because it trains all necessary muscle mass to respond and react faster than usual. You must utilize a face pace to acquire speed. Jumping rope is not only an excellent method to improve your speed, but it also improves your endurance. 

Rope jumping is a skill that can be learned and practiced, so don’t be discouraged if you’re not very good at it when you first start.With consistent technique, consistency, and attention, you’ll quickly acquire this skill and enhance your boxing pace. 

  1. Fast push-ups

Quick push-ups are one of the keys to having fast hands. It will train your muscles to release quicker and improve muscular responsiveness. Of course, quicker muscular activity implies a higher pace and stronger punches.

Push-ups are an effective way to train all of the muscles involved in the biological process of delivering punches. Fast push-ups train the pectoral and shoulder muscles to contract quickly and repeatedly, resulting in a speedier punching rate. Clearly, you should never sacrifice speed for form.  

So, even if you’re performing fast push-ups, make sure you get the most out of each session by maintaining proper form. It becomes easier to practice when you learn it, and you will surely see a speed increase in your combos. 

  1. Breathing Techniques

When you watch a boxing match, you’ll notice that experienced boxers breathe to the beat of their blows. You should exhale every time you throw a punch.Some fighters prefer to boost themselves by producing grunts and perhaps other sounds. Remember to exhale every time you throw a punch, whether hitting the bags or shadowboxing. Deliver fast combinations as well as quick breathing. 

  1. Stimulation of the core

Another technique to increase your hand rate is to make that you have enough gas in the tank to fire off jabs in quick succession, and even more importantly, to maintain the speed and action as rounds unfold.

The “gas tank” we’re referring to is, without a doubt, your core.Excellent power and stamina in boxing are inextricably related to having a well-established and robust core. Strengthen your core muscle fibers, and you will increase the amount of energy you have. 

Regular core workouts promote good blood circulation and oxygen supply to the muscles. This is essential for overall fitness, but especially for boxing, which requires continual movement across the upper body. Perform sit-ups, crunches, obliques, and leg raises to strengthen your core. Breathing exercises can also help your body expend energy more wisely and effectively. Working on your core will propel you past your assumptions. 

  1. Resistance Bands Workouts

The resistance band is a piece of standard equipment for many fighters. It provides hydraulic or flexible resistance for strength training. Not only does it improve stamina and skeletal muscle mass, but working with the resistance of your arms will undoubtedly help with the action involved in delivering a punch. 

Benefits of Fast Hands

  1. The blows that cause the most damage are the ones that you don’t see coming.
  2. They typically result in a knockout and, in extreme cases, a TKO.
  3. Fast hands will catch your opponent off guard when they aren’t expecting punches.
  4. You will always beat your opponent to the punch if you and your opponent both launch blows simultaneously.
  5. A fast strike has a higher chance of cutting your opponent. 

Bottom Line

In boxing, fast hands are a valuable asset that may help competitors hit painful blows more quickly and explosively. As the saying goes in boxing, it’s the blow you don’t see coming that puts you in the most danger and knocks you out. Hand speed development is an integral part of every boxer’s training regimen. 

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