9 Must-Have Accessories That You Require For The Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are a structure used to store the water and can be used for diving and swimming in free time. Many people love the idea of pools as they have some health benefits also. Most people go swimming to enjoy the water and take a bath during the summer. It makes them feel refreshed and relaxed. But do they install pools? Various swimming pool companies have a team of people who are experts in installing pools.

Heat your pool with solar energy so you can save more on power costs.

If you have installed a pool in the backyard, then you have to be ready to take care of it. You have opened the doors for fun and leisure, but you need advice on where to start. If you find maintenance of the pool challenging, you can contact pool companies for good maintenance. Pool care professionals are one call away to provide you services. However, if you do not call them at the right time, then it won’t be easy to bring your pool into its usual state. Here is the list of things that you require for your swimming pools:

  1. Shock-

shock is one of the vital chemicals that you need to have on your hand for the pool. Chlorine is the chemical used to clean the pool water and removes the contaminated bacterias present in the water. Shock is the chemical element that will super chlorinate the water present in the pool. The shock will result in killing the left bacteria in your pool and make it safe for an individual to swim.

Shock helps treat algae if it is mild. It would be great if you shock your pool on a regular basis. It will clean your water if it is giving a cloudy look. You may require to increase the frequency of your pool receiving hard use or in case of severe rainstorms in your area.

  1. Test Strips-

You may be aware of test strips. If you are not, then I will tell you it is. These strips are used to determine the chemical requirements in the pool water to keep the water bacteria-free and clean. It is essential to test your pool water every week or after the rain storms mentioned above. 

What you have to do is simply wet the strips in the pool water for seconds, and you will see the color change. Now you have to match the strip color with the color chart of pools and apply the chemical accordingly.

 The strips are used to measure alkalinity, ph, free chlorine, total hardness, total chlorine, cyanuric acid, and bromine can be used instead of chlorine. There should not be any smell coming from the pool water; it would have a destructive impact on another individual to whom you are providing pool services. 

If your pool smells like a chemical, then you should test and treat it. Moreover, you can contact pool companies, and they will send a professional person to solve your problem.

  1. Skimmer-

It is definitely a must-have tool for your pool. If you do not know what a skimmer is? Then let me brief you about it. It is a tool that has a flat net attached to a long pole. It is used in reaching out into the pool. Some poles are designed to attach interchangeable heads, which can include brush heads or leaf bag heads. Now you will think what the use of it is?. It is used to pick up any debris floating on the pool water, like leaves, petals of flowers, and insects. One more benefit of skimmer is reaching out to the pool toys left behind accidentally in the pool.

  1. Manual vacuum-

It can act as an essential tool for cleaning purposes, and the vacuum head is designed in a way that it becomes easy to clean the corner of a pool. Manual vacuum is an excellent tool for spot cleaning as well as overall cleaning of the pool. If you have a skimmer pole, you can pair it up with a vacuum and use it.

  1. Pool brush-

As mentioned above, you can use a pole for multi-purposes. The pole brush is also made up of a pole in which the brush is attached to the pole. As you know, the use of a brush has the purpose of cleaning, so pole brush is also used to clean the pool’s sidewalls. There are brushes for several types of pools like concrete, gunite, and brushes for vinyl-lined pools. Some of the brushes come with magnetic edges, which is helpful for finding the missing jewelry.

Pool brush also has the purpose of removing the algae which got built up in your pool. With the use of a pool brush, dead algae will be brushed off and vacuumed up. This bush makes a very effortless job of removing algae.

  1. Pool covers-

Several kinds of pool covers are available in the market, but if you want to buy them from pool companies, they will provide you with the best quality pool cover. Here are the covers which people often demand:

  1. Winter pool covers –

You will require a pool cover in winter. Pool covers will result in protecting your pools, but their uses are not limited to pool only. In addition, it will prevent accidents that can happen without a pool cover.

  1. Leaf pool covers –

Leaf covers are also there, which are placed over the top of winter pool covers. People who love trees or live in areas surrounded by trees prefer leaf covers to give a natural look. 

  1. Solar pool covers-

The term solar blankets also known as solar pool covers. Their use is associated with the swimming pool.  You just put it over the pool water when your swimming pool is not in use. It will prevent your pool water from rising. In addition, it results in preventing the swimming pool from the evaporation of water. Primarily these kinds of solar blankets or covers are used during the hot summer.

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