A Buyer’s Guide to Pallet Cages

Pallet cages are an excellent addition to any site where goods are moved or stored – particularly warehouses, distribution centres and stockrooms. Read on for our guide to find out what they are, and why you should get some. 

What is a pallet cage? 

A mobile pallet-cage is a storage system that combines the strength, load-bearing capacity and easy movement of a pallet with the load retention of a cage. There are two main options when it comes to pallet cages – the first is the classic version where the base of the cage is actually a wooden pallet, the second (also known as a cage pallet) has a base constructed from the same material as the sides of the cage. 

What are the benefits? 

Most pallet cages are collapsible, which makes them particularly useful if you are looking to save space when they are not in use. Great for smaller warehouses and stockrooms, the cages are super-easy to fold flat and re-erect as necessary, with no special tools or training required. 

For more space saving, when your pallet cages are in use, they can typically be stacked on top of each other – making more use out of your floor area. 

If your goods are particularly valuable or you are concerned about petty theft, you secure them by choosing a pallet cage with an integrated locking mechanism or use an external padlock and/or chain to restrict access. 

What to look out for when buying a pallet cage 

As with any storage or transport system, you need to think about what exactly you will be using the pallet cage for. Pallet cages come with a maximum load capacity specification that you must adhere to if you want to ensure the load remains stable and secure – make sure you get the right option for you. If you only handle medium or lighter weight goods, you can save some of your budget by not getting the heavier duty models. 

If you use forklift trucks, you will need to double check that your pallet cage is compatible with the forks – most are, but there are some models that won’t be suitable. 

If you do plan on stacking your pallet cages, or would at least like the option, make sure to get a model with reinforced tops and bottoms – they are stronger and built specifically for stacking. Also, check if there are feet on the bottom of your pallet cage that can interlock into a pocket on the top of the next one – this will provide a much more stable stack (only applicable to the cage pallet type, with all metal tops, sides and bases). 

For a longer-lasting pallet cage, make sure that all of the metal is galvanised to protect it from rusting – particularly if you will be using the cage either outdoors or in a refrigerated storage area. 

Finally, make sure that you get the right sized cage – in the United Kingdom we typically use either Euro standard or British standard pallets, so make sure you know which one your site is set up for and get the appropriate pallet cages.

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