A Local’s Guide To The Best Food In Philadelphia

Philly is an incredible city that offers a lot of flavor in every bite.  If you’re not from the area and want to get to know this city a lot better: these are the eateries that the locals love and tourists can’t get enough of!

High Street Philly

At home in the Ben Franklin House, eating at High Street Philly feels like you’re eating in a piece of history.  From the fantastic dishes to the incredible drinks, they have options for anyone.  The choices here give you the chance to work with your dietary restrictions, like gluten-free pasta and fantastic bread and salads; you’ll love every bite you take.

Vernick Food and Drink

At home on Walnut Street, Vernick is the most expensive restaurant on this list but offers fantastic dishes that make that price worth it.  This new American eatery is at home in a brownstone, looking traditional Philly but offering upscale and delicious meals you can’t find anywhere else.  From beef tartar to awesome salads, delicious bread, and mouth-wateringly good crab, there’s a little bit of everything for anyone who walks through the doors.

Kalaya Thai Kitchen

Thai food has really hit it off big time in Philly, with Kalaya reigning supreme here.  This casual, delicious eatery has everything from Khao pad to fantastic drinks, soups, fresh chicken, and anything else you could want.  If you’ve never had fried swordfish, you need to stop and make a bee-line straight for this restaurant because you’ll never want to turn back after you’ve had it for the first time.  Eating here will make you want to start looking at Philadelphia houses for sale, just so you don’t have to travel far from it! 

Pat’s King of Steaks

There’s no food list about Philadelphia that’s worth anything if it doesn’t mention Philly Cheesesteaks.  Pat’s King of Steaks is named after the originator of this dish, who invented and then sold cheesesteaks from his hotdog cart in the 1930s.  Although this might not be the finest dining around, the food at Pat’s is delicious and should be tried at least once while you’re in town.  Of course, there are tons of Philly cheesesteak places you can check out, but why settle for anything but the best?


If you want a light and refreshing meal that offers casual dining: it’s time to stop in at Dizengoff.  Offering delicious Israeli foods, you can take in fantastic pita and hummus in huge portion sizes and try other refreshing salads, meats, and foods that they pride themselves on.  This is a well-lit fantastic lunch spot that anyone who’s new to town should try.  It’s also extremely affordable, the most affordable restaurant on this list besides Pat’s! 

There’s Nothing Like a Great Dish to Help You Know an Area

If you’re traveling to Philly and want to get to know the area in the best way possible: stop at one of these delicious eateries!  Not only will you get to enjoy some of the best flavors in the world, but you’ll also leave knowing Philly a lot better!

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