All You Need To Know About Different Types Of Online Solitaire

Solitaire was one of the most dedicated card games which was played in all over the world. Its trend was inclining day by day. After few years, they had introduced solitaire, an online platform that gains more popularity than offline solitaire. There are many reasons for becoming more popular than the traditional version, but one of the most prominent reasons is the benefits offered by these online platforms. 

They offer numerous benefits to all their users, like you can take a free trial, play with a bonus, and there is no need to go outside of your house. These are some topmost reasons for the inclining trend of online solitaire. Today, the majority of people prefer online solitaire instead of traditional, which is an outstanding achievement. Solitaire is a card game, and the best feature of online version of solitaire is that you can play it by yourself. 

That’s why this term is also used as games for the single-player who needs concentration and skills. There are many types of games that come under the category of solitaire. Out of all these types, some of the prominent games like Klondike or scorpion solitaire online will be discussed in this article. So, below mentioned is a detailed clarification regarding the different types of solitaire.


It is the most famous solitaire game which is played all over the world by millions of people. Klondike is  basically, known by the name of solitaire because it is the most common type of the game and generally, majority of people only play this game of solitaire. Besides its common name, it is known by different names in different countries. Some countries call it ‘triangle’ and others be like ‘patience’ or ‘demon patience.’

 At the time of development, this game was only known by the name of ‘canfield.’ The primary reason behind giving this name was the creator of the game, whose name was Richard Canfield. The 1990s was a significant start of the inclination period for the popularity of this game because, at that time, this game was launched in the Microsoft window. After19th century solitaire had become too much popular, and its trend is also going on.   

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It is another game that comes under the category of solitaire and also a trending game. This game was also launched by Microsoft, just the same as Klondike. This is one of the most prominent similarities in both types of solitaire. For the development of solitaire, many software developers give their pure efforts because it was very hard to build this type of game at that time. 

There are many technical moves in the game which makes the development of solitaire much harder than the other games of solitaire as the game shows a number of moves which are necessary to win the game and the number of deals too. For showing this detail to you, they need high technology which can make their work easy. It is because in the mechanism of this game a proper math-related software is required. In this particular game, cards are set settled in the order according to suit but not on the basis of color. 


Spider solitaire is also one of the most famous types of solitaire, which is played all over the world. The most attractive element in this part of solitaire is the name of the game, which is a spider. The majority of people ask about the origin of this type of name. So, this name was originated from the spider’s legs which are eight in number, and if you want to win the game, then it is a must for you to fill the eight foundation piles. This was also launched by Microsoft in a different version. 

Microsoft launched this game in the 19th century. There are many variants of solitaire is available in the entire world, like spider one deck, spider two decks, gigantic spider, relaxed spider, and many more. This is the most prominent reason for the people who loves to play this game. If you play any one version of this spider game, then you will get stuck in all its version because they are very attractive in nature.


This game has separate popularity in the era of solitaire. Now you may think about the name of the game, which is a pyramid. The game had been brought from the life of Egypt and is just like the pyramid of Egypt. If you had ever played solitaire, then you may know about the experience of fun while playing pyramid solitaire. 

If we talk about Microsoft regarding solitaire, then they put the game in practice in 1991. Initially, the name of the game was Tut’s Tomb. They also add solitaire in window 8 and 10 for android and iOS with the major objective of providing the experience of fun. There are many rules and regulations regarding the game that you read on the internet.    


The Scorpion version of the game is very famous because it is just the same as the spider version. Developers had also named it very amazingly because both spiders and scorpion are from the same family, which is ‘Yukon.’ It is played with the entire deck of 52 cards. If we talk about the mechanism of this game, then it is played with the use of seven by seven design, which means seven columns and seven cards.

 Out of all these columns, four columns have three cards that have their face down. This is the whole structure of the game scorpion solitaire online. You can place any of the cards on top of the pyramid which have are at high rank. One thing you should keep in mind, any card from the middle or bottom of the column is must be moved as a unit.


All the above mentioned are the clarified details about the different types of solitaire games. In this article, we mentioned all the prominent types of solitaire games. You can try these games on your device for free, and there is no need to pay any kind of money.

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