100+ Best Anti Suicide Quotes To Save Lives

Well, this is a very sensitive topic and that’s why we are sharing the anti-suicide quotes to save lives. in today’s world, every third person facing depression and there are many different reasons for the depression-like money problem, job problem, relationship problem, bully problem, and most dangerous is the loneliness problem. I think when the person lives alone and doesn’t talk with friends that are the big reason for his or her depression.

The reason for most of the suicide cases is lack of communication with the peoples and miss-understanding of the person. when a person is in the depression and that person doesn’t share the problem he or she is facing in life with the friends or to the family members than that person totally surrounded by the depression at the maximum level. the problem is not with that person the problem also with us because we don’t realize why that person’s behavior is changing.

we will discuss some of the points that we can understand that the person is in the depression and very close to committing suicide later in this article but let us discuss some anti suicide quotes that can help the person to heal from the situation somehow.

Suicide prevention quotes– suicide quotes

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You are the true warrior you need a little more courage to live and wait for the right time than to kill yourself.

If you hate the situation then change the way to live life and life will be awesome

Sometimes you don’t need to overthink, over wondering, and even stop thinking just relax and take rest

Before you giving up just think again that how strong you are to face the situation

Tough time has a limit it will end soon but your toughness is last long

When the wrong situation starts make building and you feel the hurdle just think that you are on the top of that building, you are very strong

Before you commit suicide just think again and because the rain will stop and the weather gets cleared same like hard situation gets disappear and the right time will come

You may not understand today and tomorrow but God will reveal why you were going through the situation like this

When it gets darkest we can see the stars clearly and life works on the same rule my friend

When you are about to commit suicide just say to yourself that’s not the way how my life will be end

Quotes about suicide– suicide quotes

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suicide quotes
suicide quotes

Suicide has not the chances of dealing worse situation my friend you are just passing it to your loving persons

When it’s getting tougher than tough then remember the god because he makes you born for the special reason for sure

I am not that strong to kill myself and I am not that weak to even think about that be strong be a warrior

Think about all the beauty left around yourself and you will be happy

Hey, friends, I am not ugly I am in trouble please don’t ignore me come I need your help

The person who commits suicide dies. but his or her loved persons die a thousand times, please ask why?

I know that the worst situations are darker than night but believe me the situation comes after it is brighter than the sunny day

I am not telling you that it is easy but I am telling you its not worth it for your loving one

Suicide is the way of telling god, i don’t trust you

Everything will be ok in the end if its not ok its not the end

Your life is not cheap so don’t end it, please don’t steal a wonderful person from the world

But in the end one need more courage to live than to kill himself

Suicide is a permanent solution for the temporary problem, so thing again

Suicide awareness quotes– suicide quotes

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suicide quotes
suicide quotes

They can’t rescue you if they don’t know you please ask for help

Teens’ suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. you have too much to see in your upcoming life

He has money, family and even he can buy anything he wants but why he did that? see the flashback again my friend…do you know him?

Don’t just blame a person for suicide you are victim to because friend has a change to stop

While there is a life there is a hope my friend just don’t loose your life

Your skin is not paper don’t cut it, your face does not mask don’t hide it, your size does not book don’t judge it, your life is not movie my friend don’t end it

All thinks are difficult before they are easy, so don’t panic early give it a full time

Why are you thinking about suicide everyone has problems in life. if you have a big problem then don’t worry you will shine more than them

Suicide prevention is my duty because I am living because of the peoples who care for me

You are allowed to scream, you are allowed to cry but you are not allowed to quite

Depression is a colorblind and constantly told you that how colorful the world is

There will be a day when you said that shit i want to give up?

Anti suicide quotes– suicide quotes

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Remember spend the hard days today will make you very comfortable in good days

The thing you can not do is a big hurdle what you can do please make a diiference

You are bent but not broken, you are sad but not hopeless, you are scared but not disfigured, you are afraid but not powerless, you are tired but not lifeless, you are depressed but don’t give up

When you kill yourself then you are also killing the persons who loves you

Dare to take out your hands from the darkness and try to put it into the light

Bullies make a person in depression, depression makes a person commit suicide, are you the murderer man

There is a big hope when your mind says isn’t

When a person said I am addicted to having only problems in the life believe me the person needs help

Please don’t end it like this

Hold the hope tight it will all end up soon

If you are in depression then reach out to the person you love most for the help because suicide is the permanent solution for the temporary problem

Please keep your mind cool in depression because suicide is an impulse decision it will vanish soon from your mind

If you dare to commit suicide then you can definitely save your life and face the problems

Quotes about suicide loss– suicide quotes

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suicide quotes
suicide quotes

The cowards commit suicide and brave loves to live long

Place your hand on your heart and say we the peoples never give up

Now you all realize how he was suffered

Now i understand why he was starts smiling more then before

There is too much to know behind everyone smile

Please don’t let the person on his situation let him talk with you

There is no medicine is better then to talk about the situation when you are in the depression

If someone trying to go away from you suddenly don’t be proud and let him go just try to found out the reason

Someone’s life is precious for someone just stop from committing him suicide your help can save more than hundreds of lives

Help the person who is about to give up to save many lives

Quotes about suicide prevention– suicide quotes

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Please reach out to the peoples speak up. its the only option which I didn’t try for many years

Those who suffered can understand the suffering and raise there hands

You are afraid of this situation but you can not imagine the situation after your suicide

Please share the reasons for your depression after its gets too late

Don’t lose your life for those persons who don’t care about you just think about those persons who really love to talk about you

The reasons are many to commit suicide but also there are more solutions to stop that impulsive decision

Remember after committing suicide you will be the person same as you before the birth

Remember death ends the life not the relationships

Today can be the bad, tomorrow can be the worse but the day after tomorrow will be the best day of your life

The song is ended but melody lingers on same in the suicide case

Bible quotes about suicide– suicide quotes

suicide quotes
suicide quotes

When you say o god that you want to die he will give you strength to live long

God is closer to the broken hearted and will save them

Your body is tample of god do not break it by committing suicide

If you are facing problems with life, remember one thing god have better plan for you

God is your lamp he will turns your darkness into lightness

Suicide is a murder because you are killing the person created by the god

Suicide is a unforgivable sin in the eyes of the god

Get addicted of Mahadev you will get addicted to find happiness in small things

Don’t afraid of anything god is your shield

Do not commit suicide because its god decision when to take you back

Suicide help quotes– suicide quotes

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise

Please share your problem with others don’t be so hard brother

Problems like a hurdles of the race just pass them and you will win the race for sure

No you are not alone just look you are surrounded by the peoples

Suicide will not end the pain it passes it to someone else

Help the peoples to not feel him alone and stop them from committing suicide

Be like a lotus flower rise in the mud and one day someone will know the importance of it

Depression is like a war you either win or die just avoid to fight by taking someone’s help

People don’t change sometimes they need help to realizes who they are

If you have seen someone look like in depression just go and help him because everyone loves themselves

The only mistake you can make is not asking for help. please save yourself

Teen suicide quotes– suicide quotes

suicide quotes
suicide quotes

Please don’t bully anyone because of their height and behavior because someone is his fan

The exams will come and go but your life will never come again after the death kid

Talk with your kids continuously don’t take it lightly when they feel morose

You don’t know what is going on in any one’s life be lovable with the person who cares for you

Be nice with your kid so he can share his feelings freely with you

Don’t pressure on your kid for best marks because best guys are the college droppers

Remember one thing you are the first teacher of your kids

Love your kid this is the only thing that can save your kid from depression

We stand up for lives

Please speak at least once in a day with your kids with love to make him feels better

Sad suicide quotes– suicide quotes

Right now I am not able to see the reason to live I am tired of it I am done….never thought that it’s always away

Help the person before he gets tired of holding it in his head

Please help if you can see the suicide in the person’s eyes

The person’s silence is just another word of the pain

Suicide doesn’t kill the peoples only sadness kill them

Just be happy and make others happy that’s the way to live the life

Its better to have a gay life than to commit suicide

I tell everyone that i am ok but i am the only one who knows that i am not ok

I know your life is like a solid sand but one day rain will melt it my friend

Don’t worry my friend some day you will dance with those liars

Stop suicide quotes– suicide quotes

Lets make a loud voice and say stop suicide

For those who stuck in the thoughts of suicide you are far beautiful to be dead

Just thought about your parents who work really hard to grow you so big before you commit suicide

I am not a doctor or a therapist but i promise to take care of you forever

Don’t judge a person by his smile you really don’t know about his problem

Share your pain before it overtakes you

Stop laughing on someones situation if you can’t solve it

Be human, be kind and help the peoples save the lives

If you can handle the situation it’s not the mean that everyone can please help the peoples who are suffering from the same situation

Be strong thinks will get better and life will automatically get better

If you can’t make someone happy than please don’t hurt them

How to identify the depressed person

Identifying the depressed person is a difficult thing but its not that much difficult as you are thinking. you can identify the depressed person by identifying his or her nature. when a person makes a distance from you and tries to avoid you don’t just let the person go try to find out that why is the person doing it. suddenly a person comes really closer and tries to talk with you more and his or her intentions are not loving then for sure he or she wants to share something with you just listen to them. share these suicide quotes who needs it.

Face reading to identify

When a person starts to feel morose in every situation even when at the party or something like that it means that the person is in depression. but the effect can be vice-versa when a person tries to show you that he is happy and smiles more than before but the eyes of that person will look weird like red or something different. if you find this behavior it means the person is in a huge depression and needs help. all you need to engage with the person and make him or her comfortable so the person can talk with you openly. share anti suicide quotes and save lives.

How can i use these suicide quotes

If you feel that any of the people are in the depression or on the way of the depression then please forward these quotes with that person via Whatsapp, Instagram, or another way whichever you like because these quotes are written anti suicide quotes. so the mind of the person will be changed for the moments because suicides are the impulsive decision once they avoid they will away for a long time from the person’s mind. These quotes perfect to share in these situations.


So guys these are the anti-suicide quotes for you to share with the peoples who need the help to recover from the bad situation of the depression. we also included the other categories in this article to give you the full solution for your query. This article can help many depressed people and our motive is to save the lives so please share these quotes or articles who need to help the peoples.

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