Are No Wagering Requirements Casinos a Myth?

Experienced players know very well how online casino bonuses work. Those who got burnt in the past tend to seek low-wagering casino bonuses, so that they can easily withdraw their funds in the future, and still enjoy free spins and money. However, there are potentially better deals out there or so-called no-wagering casinos. 

Given how these bonuses work many doubt the existence of no wagering casino bonus. At the same time, it’s not too difficult to find lists of no wagering casino Canada sites, so people assume that there must be a catch. Here we will discuss how these wagering requirements function and explain why no wagering casino isn’t really a myth.  

What Are Wagering Requirements

Almost all online gambling websites have some sort of bonus that you can claim, and each bonus has specific wagering requirements.

These are typically described in terms of service, and users who claim the bonus are expected to make more payments in the future in order to become eligible for withdrawing money from the account.

If you are awarded a certain amount of money as a bonus, then you are typically expected to pay 10, 20, and in some cases 50 times the bonus amount. In the case of free spins, each spin has a value that can easily be converted into dollars, euros, or other currencies. So, they are also considered a form of extra cash. 

Why Is This Necessary?

Regardless of how players feel these things need to exist. That being said, low-wagering casino bonuses are likely to become a trend if they resonate better with the player base. The reason why requirements must exist is that player money is used for rewards.

All games function based on RTP, which means that a small percentage of funds that are used for playing the game goes to casinos, and the rest goes towards rewards.

Whenever there is a true no-wagering casino Canada site that means they are taking a risk, and that’s not something you do with a massive player base.  

Why Are Low and No Wagering Casinos So Rare?

The reason why low-wagering casino and/or no-wagering bonus casino Canada sites are so rare is that they are not profitable. It’s a good way to promote a site and increase player engagement, but as mentioned it is basically free money.

Although players rarely win the jackpot when playing slots, it’s still risky for companies to have these promotions. First, it means the operator is financing your wagers, and if you win anything they are still obligated to payout.

It isn’t a big deal if they do that for hundreds of players, but in the case of thousands and millions, that’s just money lost. 

Still, low-wagering casinos are profitable, it’s just that players are already agreeing to heavy requirements there is no reason for operators to constantly offer low-wagering casino bonuses.

In order to expand their offer, get new games, get better rewards, and increase jackpots, gambling companies need to keep the money flowing in. Additionally, the profits casinos make are shared with software providers, and they probably make commitments to promote certain games.

This only further indicates that no wagering requirements bonus, is really counterintuitive, and it makes more sense for it to be a part of a loyalty program, rather than a welcome package.  

How Can You Find a No Wagering Casino?

So, now that we have established why the lowest wagering requirements casino sites are rare, but not a myth, let’s see how you can find them. Here are a few steps you can easily follow.

  1. Use the search engine to find casino reviews or ranking sites in your area
  2. See if those sites also rank casinos based on the available bonuses
  3. Go to the sites listed there and read the terms and conditions of the bonuses
  4. If they are indeed no wagering casinos then make an account. 

When you are searching remember to check the date, maybe the offer was only available for a certain month, week or day and it has expired. Don’t discredit the site just because you are looking at outdated information. 

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