Are Video Slots Welcome Bonuses Responsible For The Popularity Of Some Games?

Over the last several centuries the casino gambling industry has slowly cemented itself as an essential mainstay in people’s lives, with it reaching its zenith in the 21st century, mainly as a result of the emergence of online casinos – join to play slots like Gonzos Quest.

Of course, casino gambling was outrageously popular in the 20th century, as places like Las Vegas are clear examples of, however it pales in comparison to the modern world of online gambling. 

One of the biggest reasons behind the modern dominance of the online casino scene is that people don’t actually have to leave their house in order to play, with all the games available online.

Furthermore, the trend towards welcome bonuses with things like online slots has made online casino even more of a tempting proposition. It brings us to the question, are video slots welcome bonuses responsible for the popularity of some games? Keep reading for our thoughts on the matter. 

Video slot welcome bonuses: What are they? 

First off, for all the slot beginners out there, what are video slot welcome bonuses? Well, in the modern casino industry things are getting pretty competitive these days, and as a result slots sites have had to really up their game when it comes to trying to attract new customers. As a result video slot welcome bonuses have become very popular, as they give gamblers an incentive to play on certain platforms rather than others. 

In order to claim a video slot welcome bonus you will have to deposit a certain amount of cash at an online casino in most cases, however there are also no deposit video slot welcome bonuses around too. In any case, make sure you check the wagering requirements of the welcome bonus before you dive in, otherwise you may be unpleasantly surprised. 

Different kinds of video slot welcome bonus 

Modern online casino are spoilt these days, and one of the main reasons for this is down to the new and exciting world of video slot welcome bonuses. Oh yes, because there isn’t just one type of video slot welcome bonus here at all – take a gander below for some different kinds of video slot welcome bonus: 

·        Cash back video slot welcome bonus: This is one of the most popular video slot welcome bonuses, and can be found at most reputable online casino sites too. A cash back video slot welcome bonus works like this: you make a deposit on an online casino site, and then they match it and give you a percentage back on top of your bankroll!

·        Free spins video slot welcome bonus: Free spins video slot welcome bonuses are also extremely popular these days, mainly because gamblers can get their hands on a huge number of free spins, simply by depositing with an online casino. 

Are video slots welcome bonuses responsible for the popularity of some games? 

Right then, are video slots welcome bonuses responsible for the popularity of some games? Well, it depends on the type of bonus. Free spins welcome bonuses can be responsible because they are generally aimed at specific games, however cash back bonuses shouldn’t really have much of an effect.

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