20+ Best And Funny Beer Names That Are Popular

Fizzies have been around for a long time and have really taken off with the baby-boomer generation. They don’t only come in different flavors but are also available in a variety of cool varieties.

If you are a party lover then you can understand that beer names do matter for making the awesome party. Because beers play a major role in every party or any get-together moment. So this is the main reason that everybody loves this little alcoholic drink.

There are lots of debates that happen on the question that when was the first beer discovered but still no satisfactory answer. But you know what, I don’t care about it and I am sure that you too don’t care about it.

Beer is the third most consuming liquid in the world after tea and water according to research because of the taste and its popularity among the people. There are lots of brands of beer in the world, but there is some brand that is popular among them.

Beer is made with a lot of ingredients and there are several processes and recipes in the world to make the beer. Some of the ingredients to make the beer are as follows, Beer is brewed from cereal grains, most commonly from malted barley, though wheat, maize, and rice are also used.

The color of the beers is most commonly dark brown, but nowadays there are several beers that are known as the red beer names and dark beer names because of their different colors. Now let’s check some popular beer brands. Also, Check- Viner från Spanien

Best Beer Names

Now these are the most popular beers and these brands come from all over the world. So let’s get into these names and understand why they are popular.

1. Guinness

Guinness is one of the best Irish beer names that are popular all over the world and the taste of this beer gives you a rich feel. This brew comes from Dublin and this company discovered in 1759.

This Beer is sold in over 50 to 60 countries and the sales growing continuously as the popularity of this brew is growing day by day. You can purchase this beer in a can and also in a bottle.

2. Milwaukee’s Best Ice

Well, this brand comes from the miller brewing company and this brew is one of the best beers in the United states. as you can understand that this beer tastes great when it is served chilled and with ice.

This beer comes to a rich, smooth taste and the sales of this brand are continuously growing as time spends because the peoples love this brew because of its rich and smooth taste. There are lots of other brands from Miller’s brewing company, but this comes the first choice for the people.

3. Corona Light

beer names
beer names

So many peoples today love to drink beer with the food, mostly at the dinner time. Because it’s in the trend now to have a liquid with the food. When you want to have liquid with food then beer is the best option.

As you can understand from the name that there is very little alcohol in this beer. This beer is considered the lightest beer and claims that when you drink it you will feel refreshed. So that’s why this brew is very much popular in the world because of its lightweight and taste.

4. Icehouse

Well, this brand is considered the first brew brand manufactured by the united states. This beer is considered as one of the smooth taste beers with 5.5% alcohol contains. this beer will give you a strong feeling when you taste it for the first time.

The owner of this beer company claims that this beer is next level because of the taste of this brew. This brand is getting popular and covering a huge market not only in the united states but all over the world.

5. Steel Reserve

This is another brand that comes from America. This large brand is from a steel brewing company owned by the miller. This is one of the hardest beers in the industry right now with an 8.1% alcohol content. This is one of the most popular beer names that comes from America.

This brand claims that this beer makes you feel the hard, hard hit when you drink and your body feels relaxed. This brew comes in a variety of silver colors and black colors with the same alcohol percent in the beer.

6. Coors Banquet

This brand comes with an alcohol percentage of 5 which makes this beer on the light beer list. This beer is also known for one of its cool names banquet beer. The rich and smooth taste of this beer name it one of the unique beer names.

This beer is perfect for the occasions of birthday parties, get-together parties, etc. It is perfect for overcoming office stress by drinking it after office time is over. This beer is also a product of the united states.

7. Dos Equis

This beer is one of the popular Mexican beer names and the best thing about this beer is that this beer is a perfect combination of German technology and Mexican ingredient. This killer combination makes this beer a top brand in the united states and more countries.

This beer was founded by Heineken International in the late 19th century. So this brand is also known as one of the oldest brands in the world of the beer industry. It’s one of the best beer names that stands from Mexico.

8. Blue Moon Belgian White

This Canadian beer is the first choice of many people because it comes in the category of dark beer names. This brand introduces by the blue moon brewing corporations also known as Miller Coors.

This brand was discovered in 1975 first and contains an alcohol percentage of 5.4 which makes this beer, decent to drink when you are hanging out with your friends and with your girlfriend.

9. Yuengling Lager

beer names
Yuengling Lager

When it comes to popular beer and one of the oldest beer brands than this brand comes first. Because it is the best oldest beer that comes in the list of favorite beers because of its traditional brew taste.

This brand is introduced by the D.G. Yuengling & Son Brewing formerly known as the Eagle brewery in 1829. The company is situated in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, and it’s one of the oldest brewery companies in the world right now. This beer comes with a smooth and traditional taste.

10. Natural Ice is one of the coolest beer names

This beer is one of the beers in the world that is famous for its smooth and sweet taste and that’s why we can say that this is one of the best beer names in the world right now. This favorite beer comes with the perfect combination of malt and corn which gives it the perfect taste.

If you want to get the perfect taste of this beer then you can serve this beer chilled with ice. This beer contains 5.90 percent alcohol, which makes this beer not light, neither strong but a great good to hang out with your friends.

11. Pabst Blue Ribbon

This beer comes from one of the greatest brew companies name Pabst brewing company. This company has been running since 1844 and the current headquarter is in Los Angeles. This is one of the oldest beer brands discovered in America.

This beer has lots of varieties in terms of flavor as well as alcohol percentage. The alcohol percent ranges from 3.8 to 6.5 and contains Hard Coffee 5%, Hard Seltzer 8%, Whiskey 40%. The taste of this beer is awesome.

12. Bud Ice is one of the unique beer names

This beer comes in one of the dark beer names because it contains more alcohol than normal beers. Bud Ice beer is a beer style, in which brew has undergone some degree of fractional freezing during the making process which makes this beer harder than others. That’s why this is one of the unique beers.

So this beer is perfect when you don’t want to take wine or other heavy drink but want something like that, but not heavier than this beer is perfect for you. In my opinion, you guys should give it a try for sure.

13. Stella Artois

Stella Artois is one of the perfect beer names that can be drunk with food and enjoy with friends. This beer is the best selling in European countries because of its rich and smooth taste. This is a Belgium beer that discovered in 1926.

There, 4.8 percent alcohol version is making huge sales in countries like Britain, Ireland, Canada, and Australia and many others as well since 2008. This beer looks like a pure golden color.

14. Miller High Life

The founder of this fantastic product is Frederick miller. This product comes from America and capturing the brew market since 1855. The taste of this beer is a little hard that gives you instant freshness from the stress.

15. Heineken

Well, this brand doesn’t need the introduction because it is the most preferable brand in the past couple of years. The beer comes with 5 percent alcohol which makes it the best choice for the dancing clubs.

This brand comes from the Dutch side and the company name is a Heineken international brewery and this brand is currently no. 3 in all over the world and still one of the best standing beer names.

16. Busch Light

beer names
beer names

The Busch light beer is one of the healthy beers that you can drink in a manner to keep yourself healthy and fresh. This beer contains low calories and fat that is good for your health and you can drink it with food.

The taste of this beer is light and smooth so you can enjoy this beer with your friends and family because this lightweight beer is healthy for you, your friends, and for your family as well.

17. Natural Light

This light lager beer was first introduced on July 31, 1977. The ingredient of this brew is Its ingredients are listed as water, barley malt, cereal grains, yeast, and hops. It contains only 4.2 percent of alcohol that makes it really light to drink and dance.

18. Trappist Tripel

This well-known beer brand comes from Belgium and is also a well-known brand for its high quality of service and consistency. When you taste this beer it tastes like fruit beer because of its little sweet taste.

19. Hefe Weissbeer

You know that the German beers stand strong when it comes to the beers. This beer is one of the best German beer names because of its light beautiful color that attracts people to this product.

Many of the beer companies try to copy this brand, but no one succeeded and this beer still is one of the highest selling beers in the world. Many of the copycats have successfully created the beer with the same color but still cannot compete with its taste.

20. Carlsberg is one of the highest selling beer names

This brewery giant comes from Denmark and I know it’s one of the highest-selling beers in the world right now. This company was founded in 1847 by J. C. Jacobsen and the headquarter of this company is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It is also one of the most satisfying beers in the world right now because of its light and smooth taste. It’s like the light golden color that makes it looks like liquid gold and when you taste this brand you will feel refreshed. The alcohol percent is 4.2 normally but varies according to your country.


So guys these are some best beer names we listed in this article. There are lots of beers in the world, but we mention only the best beers for you that are not only famous in your country but in many countries.

The beers are the only drink that can make your party awesome if you guys are adults or mature. You can drink beer if you guys are 18+ I know there are many countries that allow children to drink beer, but my opinion is that please children away from alcohol.

Beers are very important to drink to hang out with your friends. These products are your best friend when you are alone at home and watching television. In some places, these drinks are served with food to enjoy and to digest food properly.

So guys if you love to drink beer please make sure to drink beer in a healthy way because if you drink it in a certain amount that it will be beneficial to you, but if you drink it like a heavy drinker that can affect your body in a reverse way and can destroy your lungs and other body parts. So enjoy your life and be safe and active.

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