Best 13 File Storage Boxes To Organize Your Things In 2021

With the influx of rapid paper consumption due to the industrial, corporate, and even academic demands, document filing has evolved, and systematic storing of files – especially as far as easier retrieval is concerned – became necessary. Sorting out files and putting them on boxes with labels has become commonplace, and archiving has cataloged files better.

As the world shifts into a more sustainable and conscious spinning, society is gradually turning paperless, and everything is now doable digitally and virtually. However, many establishments and institutions still choose to remain traditional by archiving their files in physical storage boxes.

  1. Iris USA FB-21EE

There are many adequate file storage boxes. Among them is the minimalist Iris USA FB-21EE. It was designed for legal and letter-sized files and had clear and stackable features. Lightweight and very easy to transport, this is best not only for paper files but also for your other clutter types! Talk about versatility!

  1. Birdrock Home Seagrass Box

A handwoven box that is eccentric and gives off a rustic vibe, Birdrock Home Seagrass Box can house letter and legal-size files, all secured with a lid for added protection. It also comes with wheels, which make it easier to transport from one place to another. Plus, it comes in two colors: seagrass and espresso!

  1. Collapsible File Storage Organizer

Compact and lightweight, you can bring the Collapsible File Storage Organizer everywhere! It can fold smaller when not in use, so you can easily store it away. It comes in several stunning colors such as grey, navy, and cream. This storage box is made of linen and can keep your files easily! 

  1. Office Depot Storage Box

This storage box has a handle that allows it to be put on walls. This box is built to organize and keep your files away from chances of scattering since it has a snap-tight buckle! The Office Depot Storage Box often gets sold out — an affirmation of its good quality that is tried and tested! 

  1. Sterilite 64 Quart Storage Box

Simple yet with well-balanced features, the Sterilite 64 Quart Storage Box comes with a lid for additional protection. It is also made up of plastic, hence, lightweight and durable. Another minimalist crowd favorite! 

  1. Iris USA R-FB-21E Storage Box

This black storage box can fit inside this box. The design is minimalist, too, yet fascinating to look at. This storage box is well-built, easy to use, lightweight, and portable. Plus, you’ll never go wrong with the black aesthetic!

  1. Bankers Box

Among the beautiful things about this type of box is that it is easy to dismantle. It comes in small to medium, the Bankers Box will not spill your files over and is comfortable to carry and great for moving out. It comes with a lid for additional security and can be bought in packs of 10!

  1. Storex Book Bin 

You can purchase the Storage Book Bin in six packs, available in small, large, and extra-large sizes. It might look fragile, but don’t let your eyes fool you because it is so durable that even if you drop it intentionally, it does not break! Available colors are violet, black, stem yellow, onyx, and red.

  1. CLR Storage Box

This can hold 35 liters of clutter and comes with a snap lid for the very purpose of additional protection. It has a large storage space that contains dividers, making your files more comfortable to access. It is also a clear-type box that lets you see through it to know the type of documents stored automatically. 

  1. Pendaflex

This desktop-type storage box looks very contemporary. It has firm grips and tabs to make your files extra safe and more organized. Without a lid, this box makes files easier to retrieve. Pendaflex is best for letter-sized files that require easy access.

  1. Bigso John Fiberboard 

This is the best storage box that suits you if you have a pile of large files you need to organize. It is also made of recycled fiberboard, and this classic-looking storage is environmentally-friendly and highly durable. It also comes with a lid for additional security.

  1. XOOL Lock Boxes

The creator of this lockbox makes sure that it cannot be compared with others. It has a top-class quality of aluminum that makes it free from rusting. The feature of its lock system includes four digital combinations; hence, any age can operate it. It also contains enough storage to keep five keys and a tiny button to allow the lock combination access.

  1. First Alert Key Cabinet

This key cabinet was created by a known company that has been in the industry for 5-decades! Quality is assured with this type of key cabinet. It comes with a 28 key ring, including its labeling tags that would enable you to organize your files efficiently. It is also resistant to corrosion since it is power-coated with steel!


An exemplary storage box must be durable enough and must have a suitable design for whatever purpose it may serve you. These storage boxes are notable for their superb quality and practical aesthetics. Search these products on your search engines and purchase them online. Happy decluttering!

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