Best Places To Live In Georgia Hidden To Those That Do Not Live There

There are many people who dream to move to Georgia because they know this state offers them not only the best place to live but also a good future, as this is where 18 out of the top 500 fortune companies are housed.

But since Georgia is too big to point out where exactly to live, here are a few popular places in the state you can consider living.

John Creek

Home to about 83,000 people, John Creek is a perfect place for those who want to enjoy a high quality of life. To those who are serious about finishing their education, moving to John Creek is a good idea, as this is where some of the best schools in the state are located.

Apart from good education, John Creek also offers a low crime rate, 75% below the national average. In terms of amenities, residents can enjoy easy access to dining, entertainment, recreation, and shopping options.

To enjoy all the benefits of living in John Creek, stretching your living expenses is necessary as the value of houses in this location is at the median, of $400,000.


Alpharetta is located in Fulton County and near Atlanta. They have a little less population compared to John Creek, with around 65,000 residents. What made this a perfect place to live in Georgia is Alpharetta has a low crime rate, the same as with their unemployment rate.   

If you are concerned about the education system, then you are at the right place, as it gives you access to the best schools for kids in entire Georgia.

This will give you a good, comfortable place in Georgia to stay, but despite the many pleasures, the value of a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, the single-family house is at an average, $327,000. This is a good value, and if you are looking to buy a home in Georgia, then Alpharetta is indeed a perfect place for you to discover.


This is a perfect place to call home in Georgia but unfortunately, not the most ideal for families. If you are checking out for a mature environment and great schools, then this is the perfect town for you to plan to live in.

It is considered to be a college town, hence expect that houses here are affordable. The median price of houses in Athens is at $150,000, while the rents average is at $789.

And since it is considered one of the college towns, expect it to be walkable, and bike-friendly.

There are definitely no dull moments in this place as it offers an abundance of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.


Roswell is home to almost 94,000 residents, and the good news about this place is it has a low crime rate, and the unemployment rate as well. If you have children or are trying to build a family, considering Roswell is a good idea, as it has 18 parks, good schools, and accessible establishments to make your life easy.


This small community only has 21,000 people and was once called the best place to settle down in Georgia in 2017. The schools situated in Decatur are ranked as some of Georgia’s best schools.

Although the status of living in Decatur is a bit more expensive compared to other places in Georgia, you won’t regret investing, as this place gives its residents a beautiful, comfortable and contented life.


The population in this place is around 29,050. What made McDonough part of the places you have to settle down in Georgia is that this offers its residents a whole year round of entertainment and fun.

Eat, shop, play, whatever it is you want in a resident is something you can get from McDonough.  

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