500+ Trolling Names That Would Best For Your Social Media

The name that is to be picked for your character in the respective game should not be only materialistic but should also have some resembling significance. While thinking about the name of your brand-new character, make sure to test how well its pronunciation sounds for all to hear.

Trying to think of trolling names but is unable to do so? Can’t find any name that can suffice your need?  Tighten up your seatbelts, we are hereby going to take you on a coaster ride with amazing cool trendy names for your character :

When it comes to finding your character in a game everyone faces a dilemma about if the name of the character they are thinking of is adequate enough to match the characteristics of their character.

In this article, I will share some probably awesome names that would make your character stand out from the rest of your mates.

To begin with,

What Are Trolling?

To be precise, trolling names are basically the ones that you give to your respective character in the game or story, or social media. The first step is naming the user property.

The naming should be done in a way that sounds fun and also matches the physical characteristics and the gaming style.

If you are still proceeding with this, it means you are interested, keep reading this article for different types of names with their meanings. And easily find out which is the most suitable one for you.

If you cannot think of something appropriate, you can either take any name from the list of names for games given in the list below, or you can also consider them as suggestions and get your own names using these as inspirations by coupling them with your real name and making it sound more authentic.

But don’t forget to ensure that the name can fit in for the long run and also reflects your playstyle and personality.

Trolling Names For Games:

Here in this list, we have some names for games inspired by mythological myths, legends, and giants that you can use in any game.

If you are fond of historic myths and legends here are some best-preferred options of different mythological origins for your character:

  • Yehwe–(African origin) yehwe is known to be a gigantic, evil-spirited predatory giant and has 30 horns on his head and body. Its name means “the largest of all trolls”. Thus, if your game is about deep forests, hunting is the best troll name option for you.
  • Talos–(Greek origin) According to Greek mythology, the giant- Talos was created out of bronze by Hephaestus, to protect the island of Europa in Crete from invaders and evil pirates. His name particularly means “huge human-like bronze body”. So if you love playing attacking games or such Talos can be an ideal character.
  • Manticore–(Indian and Persian legend origin) is a legendary animal known for having ‘the head of a man (with or without horns) body of a lion and tail of a Scorpio (sometimes a dragon)’. This name is great for trolls to signify that your character has poisonous pointing spikes on their body.
  • Satyr –(Greek and Roman origin) satyr ‘s were the spirits of the countryside and wild. They had ‘the upper body similar to that of a human but legs and tail like a goat’. This can be a preferred name for trolls in woods and mountain terrains.
  • Skunk ape–(North American folklore) is an ape-like creature said to inhabit some forests and swamps. There are depicted as furious apes with ‘orange fur all over their body with bright glowing eyes.
  • Aigamuxa-(African and Medieval European Folklore Origin) mainly dines on humans. It is shown as having his eyes on his feet with long enormous teeth. They are huge size trolls that hunt in deserts and wastelands.

Trolling Names For COC:

Trolling Names

If you are a clash of clans lover. If and wants to find out some cool names that suit your clans you might consider the under-mentioned list of names for COC as suggestions for both boys’ and girls’ clans alternatively.

The game is set in a fantasy world.. Clash of Clans tasks players to construct their own village with the resources acquired by attacking other players’ villages; The main resources are gold, elixir, and dark elixir.

Players can group up to fifty people to create clans, can participate in Clan Wars together, chat with each other, etc.

Here in the first list, we have enlisted some gender-neutral names that might go well with either of your clans:

  • Watts’ warriors
  • Kill steal No Big Deal
  • Leading lights
  • Slaying crashers
  • Agent50
  • Gangs of COD
  • Can’t don’t
  • Noobies Predators
  • Silent killers
  • Dark spirits
  • Amusing gangsters
  • Madmax
  • Shy gun
  • Psycho killer
  • Sharpshooters
  • Dynos
  • Pro grow blow
  • Baze Fire
  • Too cute 2 quit
  • Immortal fantoms
  • Victory seekers

For girls, who love cute and loveable names for COC they can check the list below as well:

  • Legendary princesses
  • Battle mistresses    
  • Candy queens
  • Rosies
  • Her Majesty
  • Gentlewomen
  • Queen bees
  • Pretty mafias
  • Wonder women
  • Calm cuties
  • Slayers

For boys who want some powerful names for their clan here are some suggestions to look into:

  •   God’s of undead
  • Gun lords
  • Thunder beast
  • Snipe the Hype
  • Champions of seas
  • Gods of blood hunters
  • Mighty thugs
  • Straight gangsters
  • Headshooters
  • Evil deads
  • Insane shooters

I hope these names for COC have helped you to some extent.

Trolling Names For Fortnite:

Trolling Names

Fortnite is a battle royale game released in 2017, where almost 100 players fight to survive to be the last person standing.

If you are a new Fortnite battle royale player and trying to find names for Fortnite to suit your character, we here have a list of names for you to choose from:

Here are some best Fortnite names for champions:

  • Plain privilege
  • Brash thugs
  • Militaristic fighting machine
  • Legend reload
  • ChampionOf7Seas
  • Organic punks
  • Deadpool
  • Dead show
  • BruceLee
  • Sniper
  • Harry Potter
  • LegoLord
  • Hacker
  • Mr. Perfectionist
  • Popeyes

Unique Fortnite names for your unique character:

  • VanillaVengeance
  • Gusty stud
  • Immortal commando
  • Fanatical tyranny
  • Lucky cat
  • Fearless master
  • Bloss flop
  • Contingency Queen
  • Wizard harry
  • Jack sparrow
  • Your karma
  • Gangster goon
  • Nerdy girl
  • Curly spinner

Some Sweaty Fortnite names:

  • Hazelcast
  • Fuzzy pack
  • Beatster
  • Trawll
  • Go, striker
  • Anonymous knight
  • Killing kissers
  • Terminator X
  • Skull crusher
  • Braindead
  • Faulty devils
  • Angel berry
  • Homely sharpshooters
  • DJ Jije

Here are some cool trolling names for Fortnite for girls:

  • Jungli Billi
  • Fairy topiaFunGirl
  • Winner Woman
  • LegoLady
  • Slaying Girling
  • Stinky pinky
  • DareTheFlare
  • Asli Heera
  • Chicky Fighter
  • BeachesGotU
  • Young Lady
  • GunDigger
  • Pink Leader
  • Padmavati

We hope that the above-mentioned names for Fortnite will be helpful for you if you are a new player and also if you have been searching new name to rename your character.

Trolling Names For Reddit:

Trolling Names

Reddit is a great way to communicate with your friends and share messages, images, videos, etc.

So when opening your Reddit account you need cool quirky names so as to attract more people to follow you and that match your appearance. Here we have some such fun, cool, trendy names for Reddit that you can use or take inspiration from while naming your Reddit account :

Best Funny Reddit Names For You:

  • Bronx Bomber
  • ŋαʋʛʜtч ĸʋɗı
  • Fun bun
  • Goofy girl
  • Bad boy Badshah
  • IInsaneAm
  • Rudy
  • Mr. Frosty
  • GirlWithNoJob
  • Insane buddy
  • LʌFʜʌŋgʌ Cʜokʀʌ
  • Yours truly Bihari Boy
  • Thunderbird
  • ExoticAlpha
  • Captain froggy
  • Rayman
  • Sanskari Munda
  • TĦə Fʟıɽťý MʋŋÐʌ

Stylist Reddit Names At Your Step:

  • Fury raven
  • Tʜɘ Ɱʌstɘʀ Mʌʆɩʌ
  • Masher
  • Radical Rebel
  • Traveling wander
  • Mr.President
  • deATh STorM
  • The modern rebel girl
  •  Ms. Overthinker
  • Agent Hercules
  • BoomBlaster
  • Command P

Cute Reddit Names For Cuties:

  • Disco Potato
  • Candy girl
  • Icy Queen
  • Chocolate Unicorn
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • Dino
  • The alpha kid
  • Spry squirrel
  • Zesty zebra
  • Baby doll
  • Lobster
  • Super sweetheart

Trolling Names For Among Us:

Trolling Names

Among us is currently the most loved and addictive game of the youth. Evident from its name itself this game is basically about finding the imposter, who is among us(the crewmates), whom the other players suspect, and if they are able to find out the original killer the crewmates win, otherwise vice versa.

Thus while naming your among us character you need to be clever enough to name it in such a way that when you are the killer nobody suspects you.

Here we have some names for Among us that will make your character cute and non-suspecting at the same time. Also, Check- funny among us names

Some Clever Trolling Names For Among:

  • You fools I
  • BlueIsSus
  • Nobody
  • Who?
  • Where
  • Cyan sus
  • Some nerd
  • Skip
  • Your boi
  • Vote me
  • Imposter I

Most Popular Among Us Names:

  • Told ya I
  • Wasn’tMe
  • I am the killer
  • Shadow man
  • ISawIt
  • Cat lady
  • NoOneCares
  • Santa Claus (also try to dress like one���)
  • Sherlock
  • Dead
  • Your mommy/daddy

Funny And Unique Among Us Names:

  • Pika pika
  • Me
  • Idk
  • Dorito cat
  • YourKarma
  • Angelic
  • Crew mew
  • IKnowYou
  • IamSus
  • Pikachu
  • Sassy killer
  • YouVoteMe
  • ProGamer

Names with “sus”, “noone”, and “skip” are suggested as names for Among us because they are often deceiving.

Trolling Names For Twitter :

Trolling Names

Twitter is a social media where people post tweets/messages for others to see. Here are some suggestions for names for Twitter that you can is used for your mischievous Twitter account:

Quirky Twitter Names To Attract The Attention Of People

  • I’m w/ Idiot –>
  • Hoof Hearted
  • Loaf of beans
  • Kah Tooth
  • Bob Ross
  • Loading…
  • Cheesygirl
  • Strawberry kid
  • DoNut
  • TrIGGereD
  • HitlerHearsAJew

Unique And Cool Trolling Names For Twitter

  • Captain America
  • Sprayberry
  • Twin Towers
  • Baby shark
  • Ice spice baby
  • Endgame
  • AvengerHere
  • Groovy Student
  • Kahoot Guy
  • Franken Chicken
  • Imagine Dragons
  • ChillBro


In this article, we have accumulated some funky trendy trolling names for different games and social media platforms. We hope that you have got your ideal name for your purposes that match your personality and well your character.

These names are very essential for those who love games / social media as these names are the ones that differentiate their character from others.

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