Campus Resources College Students Should Use

Library, Tutoring, Career Services, Student Activities, Wellness

Every college campus offers resources that students should make use of if they aren’t already. These resources can help students academically, personally, and socially.

Attending college isn’t just about going to class and then hanging out with friends at the residence halls. Every college campus offers a wealth of resources specifically designed to help students get the most from their college experience, whether inside the classroom or out. Check- best book recommendations

The College Library

With the Internet now readily accessible in most college residence halls and many periodicals and books available online, many students feel that they never have to leave the comfort of their room to research a paper or a class project. While gathering resources is easier than ever, knowing what resources to use (or what might be the best resources to use) is more complicated with so much information available online. Academic writers from the top rated essay writing service can assist students in wading through the vast resources at their disposal and can even show students how to properly attribute those resources.

The Writing Center/Tutoring Center

Many schools have a writing center or tutoring center conveniently located inside the library (and at some schools, writing tutoring is part of a general tutoring center). Regardless, all colleges and universities offer some kind of tutorial services to their students. Even the most successful students can benefit from the resources available at the writing center/tutoring center. Style guides, study groups, help with writing an essay, quick reference sheets or even just a friendly face to talk to about courses are all available at most campus tutoring centers.

Career Services

It’s never too early for students to start thinking about life after graduation. A career services office does more than just arrange job fairs/job interviews and assist students with resume and interview preparation. New students who are uncertain about their majors and possible career choices can meet with a career services counselor, and most career services offices offer aptitude and skills tests designed to uncover student interests and talents. The career services office can also be a good place to look for internship opportunities that can help students gain “real world” working experience while still in school.

Student Activities Office

Future employers will want to know that a student has done more than just go to class. The student activities office can be a great place for students to find extracurricular activities to suit their interests. Student activities offices usually sponsor some kind of club fair at the beginning of the school year for new and returning students to explore the extracurricular options available on campus. And throughout the year, the office functions as a clearinghouse for information about campus clubs and activities.

Wellness Center/Campus Recreation Center

Academics and a busy extracurricular schedule can take a toll on a student. To find out how to stay healthy and active while in college, students should visit the campus wellness center, which may be located within the campus recreation center on some campuses. According to a recent article on, campus wellness centers offer a variety of programs geared toward students’ emotional and physical well-being, such as healthy eating workshops, fitness tests and classes, and stress management information.

Free/Low-Cost Resources for All Students

College can be stressful for students, but it doesn’t have to be. College campuses offer a wealth of support programs/offices specifically designed to promote students’ academic, personal, and social success. And best of all, these campus resources are available for free or at little cost to students.

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