100+ Quotes For Mechanical Engineering

quotes for mechanical engineering

Hello, friends Quotes for mechanical engineering basically is for the student and the graduates who belong to the mechanical engineering stream.

So these are the quotes on mechanical engineering students who are still in the college and want to share mechanical engineering status on Whatsapp and Facebook or any other social media platforms. The quotes of mechanical engineers are different categories from different quotes category because this category is only for mechanical engineering students. First of all, let’s discuss a quick and short definition of mechanical engineering as starts it professionally and then proceed to the quotes for mechanical engineering with images.

Whats is mechanical engineering

Mechanical is a branch of engineering in which we study about machines and its motion. Its basically a combination of physics and mathematics by which we analyze and design the structure or machine which works with the help of liquid fuels or by the means of electricity.
I am not a machine lover am just the builder I am mechanical

I am not a soft heart I am a mechanical engineer pure hard soul

There is no blood in my veins I am a mechanical engineer oil flows in my veins 

Quotes For Mechanical Engineering

Life is hard but I am a mechanical guy I made it simple by smashing it with a hammer

Life is so beautiful but I want it hard

“We don’t earn by sitting job we love to earn by hard work” 

Life sucks but the smile is a must

“The machine can kill but we thrill”

“Without engineering science is just a philosophy”

“I am a screw just finding a nut for me”

“We don’t care about the broken heart we love to repair thinks”

“Life is going a zigzag direction but we will make a formula for it”

Quotes For Mechanical Engineering

“If life surprises you at some point don’t think just make a simple calculation” 

“All are not intelligent some choose mechanically”

“There is a difference you carry a laptop
me just toolbox”

“We don’t afraid of the lion but we afraid of backlogs”

“You hate mechanical but not ME”

“Computer engineers make programs but we make platforms for them”

“Civil engineers make buildings but we made machines for there work”

“East or west mechanical engineer is the best”

“Every nut needs a bolt you know what I mean”

“You are feeling proud to sit in an airplane but its made by brilliant hands”

“From designing to manufacturing we do all as the best engineers”

“Hey, girls, are you feeling lazy don’t worry I will start your engine”

“We love to gear up the life the mechanical guy never stops”

“There is only one true mechanical engineer that is god, we all are inspired by him”

“Humans are fighting that who arrives moon first but never talks who built that rocket” 

“I am a mechanical engineer just like a magician” 

“Have you checked you liquid filling It’s leaking from your behind”

“friend, there is a difference in mechanic and mechanical” 

“I am a nut and can screw you as well” 

“Don’t try to fight with me I believe in a big bang theory” 

“Do not try to mess with me I can separate your parts” 

“If you are not living your life on an edge you are giving too much space to leave an opportunity” 

“If you want me to notice you raise your standard first”

“The way your inspiration ends our mechanical mind starts” 

“If I loud in anger  just isolate yourself”

“Let me check your horn girls” 

“Don’t mess with me I will tight your bolts” 

“Life is fluid just flow with it”  

“Don’t expect to work slow with us we work on rpm, we are mechanicals” 

“We are mechanical engineers father of engineering” 

“Trust me I am mechanical engineers” 

“All cam all saw but mechanical conquer”

“Trust me, girls, I am a mechanical engineer I screw safely I know the viscosity”

“We are mechanical guys we screw from both sides”

“We have the gears, we reach fast”
“We not only build machines we build machines that build machines”

“No tech without a mech”

“We are mechanical engineers born to rock the world”

“We are mechanical we can use the scrap” 

“We are cores yes we are mechanicals”

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