CBD Oil for Dogs: How to Buy the Best for Your Canine

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that has become a common natural supplement for humans. However, its range of use and benefits have also extended to animals like dogs, cats, and horses. 

Studies have shown that cannabidiol has several health benefits which include pain management, and treatment of certain conditions like cancer, arthritis, anxiety, and depression. 

Unlike THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), another compound found in the plant, CBD is not psychoactive. This means it won’t get the user high. Cannabidiol is also not addictive.

Are you considering buying CBD oil for dogs and wondering what factors to consider? Keep reading to find out.

In this article, we will show you how to find the right CBD oil for your canine.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying CBD Oil for Dogs

Because the cannabidiol market is largely unregulated, you will soon realize that cannabidiol products vary based on different factors. This means that some products may be more effective when compared to the rest. This is why it is important to consider all the necessary factors before you buy cannabidiol for your canine.

Here are a few factors to consider before you buy CBD Oil:

1. Source

CBD oil is often extracted from the hemp plant which is a type of cannabis plant. The reason this plant is considered suitable for cannabidiol products is that its THC content is below the lethal level of 0.3% – a level that is considered safe for both humans and animals. 

So, before you buy that cannabidiol oil to treat your dog, ensure that it is from the hemp plant. And while you are at it, find out information about the farm where it is gotten from. You want to know if the farm is approved and follows necessary guidelines and that the hemp is organically grown.

2. Extraction Process

There are several ways to extract CBD oil from hemp. One simple way to do that is by crushing the plant’s seeds and leaves and then removing unnecessary plant material to get the oil. Although this method is pretty easy, it is not an efficient one. 

Hydrocarbon extraction is a more efficient method that involves using ethanol as a solvent for the plant and then boiling the solvent off such that only the pure CBD oil is left. The downside of this process is that it will leave solvent residue behind if it is not well treated.

However, the most efficient and gold-standard method of extracting cannabidiol oil is carbon dioxide extraction. Although it is the most expensive of methods, this process excludes unwanted material and leaves only the pure oil behind. 

So, if you want quality cannabidiol for your canine, find out what extraction method was used and ensure that it is the gold standard.

3. Type

There are 3 forms in which CBD oil can be extracted: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolates.

Broad-spectrum oils are often a blend of cannabidiol and different other cannabinoids; except the psychoactive THC. These cannabinoids work in synergy to emphasize each cannabinoid’s benefit.

Like the broad-spectrum form, the full spectrum oil also has several cannabinoids in it. The difference is that full-spectrum oils contain terpenes and THC in varying proportions that the manufacturer considers necessary.

Isolates contain pure cannabidiol because their extraction process removes all unwanted chemicals. This CBD extract is the best for pets especially if you want just the oil’s therapeutic benefit. High-quality oils have a 99% composition of CBD.

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4. Potency

The potency of cannabidiol oil is often indicated in milligrams (mg) to show the quantity of each ingredient in it. This is different from the percentages of the ingredients which give the proportion of each ingredient in the mixture. 

High potency means the effects of the oil will be more noticeable. They are ideal for pets that have chronic issues. On the other hand, low potency CBD is recommended for dogs that don’t have severe health issues. 

5. Proof of Testing

Brands that produce high-quality CBD oils often have proof of independent testing by third-party brands. These tests are usually done to assure quality and authenticity. They also indicate that there are no toxic chemicals like pesticides in the product. 

So, ensure that you check for such reports on quality before you buy CBD for your canine.

6. Quantity 

Recall that the potency of cannabidiol oils differs. This is one reason that they come in different sizes. The variation in quantity is to help pet owners find the right amount, potency, and ingredients for their pets. 

So, typically, smaller dogs will require less of it. The converse is true for bigger dogs – they will need larger supplement size. 

At the end of the day, the dosage of cannabidiol to administer to your dog will depend on the size of your dog. You can visit https://www.caninejournal.com/cbd-dosage-for-dogs/ for more information about dosage.

7.  Brand Reputation 

Reliable and trusted CBD oil brands often have an online presence and necessary information written clearly on their product labels for buyers to verify. There are usually online customer reviews for such brand’s products on their website or independent third-party sites.

Go for such transparent brands that give clear information about their products and methods.


Finding the best CBD oil for your dog can be simple and straightforward if you have the necessary information like the one we’ve now provided you with.

Since you now know what to look out for when buying this product, go ahead and buy the right one and help your fur buddy get through that health challenge. 

Meanwhile, ensure that you also consult your pet’s vet doctor and follow their advice on how to use the product for your dog.

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