500+ Best Ninja Names That Produce Power in You

There are many superheroes are present in the Hollywood movies like superman, spider-man, hulk, etc. But Ninja names are the real superheroes with some of the best super power’s in them like flying from one tree to another, excellent karate skills, fight with different weapons, etc.

But the Ninja’s do not reveal their identity to the world means they hide their face, name, and address from the world. Their dressing sense is very different from the normal human being and they can fight with many different weapons.

Ninja’s wear the black dress which covers all the body parts of the Ninja and they wear special kinds of boots on their legs. The space and fitting of the dress are very accurate for holding weapons and fight with the dress comfortably.

So let’s get into the topic of why we are in this article because the Ninja topic is very wide. So let’s see the different and unique Ninja names that will produce the power in your body.

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Ninja Names

The Sanguine VisionThe Slender Wolf
The Sanguine MoonThe Ghost Scar
The Ghost SamaritanSwiftsign
Dream BeatJade Strikes  
The Nimble WolfThe Snake Child
The Red GhostThe Nimble Wrath
The Nimble MindRedfall
Still ShadowDeath Claw  
The Unheard ViperThe Snake Ranger
The Crouching FireThe Tranquil Rock
The Iron SerpentStillcrash
Rabid ClawScarlet Shot  
The Mystic GrinThe Floating Crane
The Unmoving SaberThe Light Dream
The Crimson ShadowLightningeyes
Thunder ShotBlood Mark  
The Agile AvalancheThe Bronze Wanderer
The Snake ChildThe Deadly Watcher
The Winged ThunderDeathscar
Hollow BladeRabid Slinger  

Female Ninja Names

As you all know that there are many superheroes that are girls. So yes, it is possible that females could be Ninja as well. So that’s why we are sharing the female Ninja names with you at the table given below for you.

The Muffled Crane The Mystic Master
The Graceful Vision The Black Shade
The Agile Rover Red strike
Darkshot Lightning shadow
Lethal Flake Silent Strike  
The Shrouded Dream The Scarlet Hawk
The Muffled Dragon The Mystic Phoenix
The Snake Enigma Lightning flow
Hollow strikes Thunder blade
Black Streak Iron Claw  
The Soothing Snake The Steel Image
The Serpent Warden The Fast Reflection
The Red Spider Ghost stroke
Quick slinger Ghost flash
Rabid Scar Red Bash  
The Phantom Cat The Red Shadow
The Serpent Mask The Slender Cipher
The Graceful Stalker Steelscar
Swift beat Steel eyes
Dream Stain Light Shade  
The Slender Rock The Quiet Master
The Floating Laugh The Swift Wolf
The Blue Watcher Dream shiv
Iron flow Dream streak
Light Kill Crimson Flake  

Cool Ninja Names

ninja names

Most people love cool names no matter what is the category of the names they just want the name that sounds really cool. So when it comes to Ninja names there are many cool names and some of them given below in the table.

The Hidden EnigmaThe Ruby Mamba
The Ghost MambaThe Phantom Knife
The Hollow ShadeRapidstrikes
Lightning StrikesIron Kill  
The Jade EchoThe Unmoving Tiger
The Slender ViperThe White Secret
The Smooth ShadeQuickflake
Lethal ShotBlood Tooth  
The Swift MirageThe Veiled Hawk
The Tranquil RoverThe Dark Thunder
The Serpent WolfRapidfall
Lethal FlakeKill Beat  
The Silver RainThe Flying Child
The Light WhisperThe Smiling Serpent
The Black KnifeDeadkill
Snow ToothBullet Moon  
The Silent ParadoxThe Silver Knife
The Agile SilenceThe Nimble Scorpion
The Steel WolfDreameyes
Lethal StrikeLightning Moon  

Ninja Names Male

As we all know that Ninjas are associated with the country name Japan and most of the Ninjas are males because in many of the Japanese movies we saw that Ninjas are males and that’s why we are sharing some best male Ninja names with you.

The Sanguine Ranger The Soothing Whisper
The Quick Mute The Tranquil Jackal
The Unheard Shade Rabid streak
Dead flash Lightning stroke
Dark Eyes Snow Shadow  
The Smooth Lion The Ghost Whisper
The Sapphire Enigma The Iron Scorpion
The Swift Wanderer Iron shadow
Bulletfall Ironstroke
Black Shiv Blood Claw  
The Slender Child The Unmoving Jackal
The Unseen Smoke The Swift Watcher
The Winged Mask Scarlet claw
Scarlet claw Bullet shot
Scarlet Flash Light Eyes  
The Iron Blaze The Dark Stalker
The Blue Blaze The Silver Image
The Flying Dragon Phantom fall
Silent beat Snow beat
Scarlet Eye Rabid Saw  
The Winged Wrath The Unseen Mute
The Golden Lion The Iron Knife
The Red Death Iron bash
Black beat Bullet slinger
Black Sign Crimson Strike  

Funny Ninja Names

The table you are watching is totally different because in this table the names are funny and these Ninja names are taken from the funny movies and some of the funniest television series. We include this category to make this article better.

Ninja Jackal Jazzy Ninja
Cloistered Niteenew Ninja My Knight
Ron Jeremy Ninja Sonsingsta
Ninja Mania Jazzy Ninja
Nic Radical Ninja NiNi
Contops Scotus Nings witsithine
Ninja Enigma Candretyad
Ninja Don Juan Frandiumbi
Ingsilike Ninja MeriJan
King Ddaddy Ninja Fierce Conandie
Ninja Indominus Jaunty Ninja
Jannet Jaico Ninja Pudding Pop
My Sweet Boy Njoysive Nishomneelysti
Ninja Java Tognianted
Witty Winescip Ninja Sindel
Somethotheirdso Byeasettem
Ninja Zoja Ing Machine
Ninstistsis Ninja Jaanu
Mucknonse Souttente
Ninja DonJuan Pancite Merman
Insidious Nitsi NinjaInk
Superfly Nicherty JoyfulNjoydred
Uporth Lord Lenin Mals Nails
Ninja Weiner RonJeremy Ninja
Decay Execasu Ninja Lodu

Ninja Sword Names

ninja names

The Sword is the main weapon of Ninja warriors actually in many Japanese movies the Ninja fights with the swords. So it is a good idea to know some of the Ninja sword names to know more about the Ninja names of warriors.

Ninjato (Shinobigatana)  Katana  
Tachi  Kodachi  
Blowgun (Fukiya)  Shuriken  
Caltrop  Hook sword (Fu tao, Hu tou gou)  
ExplosiveFlail (Chigiriki)  
Kama  Kusari-Gama  
Kyoketsu-Shoge  Kunai  
Japanese Bow (Yumi)  Tanto  
Japanese Fan (Tessen)  Japanese Staff (Bo)  
Japanese Spear (Yari)  Naginata  

Ninja Clan Names

ninja names

The Ninjas practice their moves and do training at a particular space and the places are known as the schools or clans of Ninjas. So in the table that you seeing below are the Ninja clan names or Ninja school names.

You can also use these names for your new karate classes or tuition classes because these names are very attractive and unique.

Belligerent Supremacy Gainful Gunslingers
High Assailant Shivering Alliance
Jumpy Almighty Amused Discipline
Didactic Irresistible Detailed Rebels
Harmonious Liquidators Blue Knights
Fascinated Exile Judicious Coercion
Physical Desperado Miniature Assassins
Bumpy Gangsters Open Voltiac
Electric Enemy Kaput Warfare
Jolly Gang Historical Occupation
Phobic Outlaws Closed Moguls
Small Veterans Panoramic Deadly
Aggressive Force Pleasant Butchers
Gigantic Sharpshooters Axiomatic Privilege
Exclusive Thugs Impossible Power
Tenuous Criminals Forgetful Vigor
Internal Domination Female Slayers
Weak Devils Superb Tyranny
Dusty Hooligans Psychotic Punks
Meek Strategy Military Squad
Macabre Exterminators Scintillating Prestige
Adamant Admirals Natural Perpetrator
Accidental Mafia Busy Soldiers
Enchanting killers Righteous Noobs
Vivacious Superpower Abaft Assassins

What Are The Ninja Names?

Ninjas are the warriors that have originated from Japan who hide their identity from the world. The dress code of these warriors is very different from the normal human being as they cover their whole body with their dress.

Who Can Use These Names?

These names can be used by any of the name list given in the article because all the categories included so you can choose the name according to your need and interest. So there is no limit on anyone to use these names for them.


So guy’s these were the Ninja names of all the categories that search on the internet by the peoples. If you are looking for the male Ninja names, then you can choose them from the table given above in the content.

If you are looking for the names of female Ninja these names also mention in this article.

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