Designer’s Party Wear Dresses: Choice By Color Type And Body Type

Sometimes the mannequin version of a designer’s party wear dress seems more stunning than it does on you. This is due to the fact that the color of the chosen clothing does not complement your color type. There are four categories of color types:

  • Winter,
  • Autumn,
  • Summer,
  • Spring.

Let’s look at what shades of colors are suitable for a certain color type.


Girls of this type typically have light skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. Girls and women who suit this description should pay attention to party dresses for ladies in shades of blue, lemon, purple, light blue, and black when selecting party attire. Pale-colored clothing should be avoided.


Girls of this type typically have dark skin, honey or red hair, and eyes with a greenish, grayish, or bluish tone. Dresses for party wear in the colors of bronze, dark blue, orange, red, or chestnut will look great on a woman of the autumnal type. Women must decline wearing white party dresses.


Girls of this type typically have light-colored eyes, light blond hair, and a pale pink complexion. It is advised that a female who looks like summer choose gentle hues. For instance, a party gown for women in a mild shade of blue, gray-green, or pastel crimson will look good on you. Avoid wearing gowns in bright yellow.


Green or bluish eyes, light skin, and blond or reddish hair are characteristics of this group of girls. Party dresses for women in light colors, like pink, red, or light purple, will be well for these types of people.

Choosing by body type

You must identify the sort of figure you have in order to select the appropriate evening gown.

Dresses with corsets, sheaths, and dress with belts are appropriate for women with hourglass figures. Girls with what is known as the “hourglass” figure—also known as the perfect figure—can wear any kind of outfit. However, draped, empire-style, and straight dresses ought to be avoided.

Dresses with frills, voluminous ornamental elements at the top of the garment, and straight dresses are appropriate for people with a “rectangular” figure. Conical gowns and tight dresses are not advised for girls with “rectangular” figures.

Dresses featuring drapes, empire lines, corsets, or push-ups work well for girls with pear-shaped figures. Dresses with large pockets and flounces should be avoided by people with “pear-shaped” figures. In Milla dress online shop you will choose the perfect dress for any color type and figure type. Free delivery to any place in the world will be a nice bonus. Go Now and enjoy the purchase.

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