Does Mobile Messaging Work: Here Are 5 Important Things To Note

Mobile messaging is an important channel for businesses to gather important information about their audiences. Although the marketing through the messages spoiled after the advent of social media, it has become an individual industry over time.

This is all thanks to the improvisation of the marketing professional, the idea of using limited resources to bring the most results. Text messaging or mobile messaging is one of the simplest forms of communication but is the most impactful in ROIs.

If you are a small business and asking yourself whether text messaging is still worth your investment or not, we would like to answer that question with a big YES. SMS is a powerful tool, and it is one of the largest channels used for communication. And in a business perspective, it has an avenue for monitoring which makes them one of the ultimate marketing tools.

Why Is Mobile Message Marketing So Effective?

You may ask any expert – why mobile messaging marketing? And the answer you will get is – your customers are texting, why aren’t you? It is as simple as that. You know that your customers are always on their phones texting messages to one another.

Instead of going with a marketing channel, you are not aware of how successful it is, go with a channel that shows your customers are already on that channel.

If this is not enough to convince you, perhaps the following points will.

1. Mobile Messages Are Intimates

Just accept the fact that people love texting more than calling each other. It offers convenient ways to communicate with each other. Hence, it shouldn’t surprise that businesses are using text messages to engage with their audiences. 

In 2012, a study made at the University of California found people experience an outburst of joy when receiving messages from their close ones. When your business gets access to someone’s inbox, you maintain a good relationship and give your customers the same happiness.

2. People Hardly Ignore Any Mobile Messages

Consumers see hundreds of messages every day when they are on the internet. So naturally, this makes them numb to all those ad streams. But the text messages are different. They are the closest thing to the audiences and fall under a personal domain. Hence, people take time to go through the text messages to see what brands have to offer.

Don’t trust us; here are the facts.

  • 45% SMS campaign conversion rate.
  • 98% open rate.
  • 19% CTR for text message promotion.

3. Mobile Messaging Is An Immediate Action

The popularity of mobile messaging is not because of how personal it can reach the audiences but how fast they can reach them. Text messages reach the audiences in a couple of seconds, and if the time is right, one of two messages are opened instantly.

  • 90% of text messages are read within three minutes.
  • 98% are read in an hour.
  • 99% are read eventually.

4. Mobile Messaging Is Getting Popular

No matter who you are, one thing is common between us, a cell phone. And with the cellphone come the message services and voice call services. So naturally, we love to use these services to communicate with our dear ones.

The vast majority of Americans (96% to be exact) use a cellphone and spend a lot of time sending, receiving, and checking text messages. These numbers show taht text messaging is the best way to communicate with your customers.

5. People Like To Receive Messages From The Brands

Most advertisements are ignored because people are fed up with seeing the same ad again and again during a single scroll down across Instagram. This kind of marketing typically has a low success rate for the fact that consumers get frustrated.

But it is different with mobile messaging. Since people subscribe to get mobile messages, your messages receive a warm welcome from consumers. This goes a long way to maintain a successful relationship with your audiences.


Mobile messaging has high engagement compared to other communication channels. In addition to that, measuring the Mobile messaging campaign is far simpler than other channels. With that being said, mobile messaging still exists today, and many big companies are using it to communicate with their audiences on a personal level.

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