Esports Facts That Make It So Popular

In many countries, eSports are recognized at the official level. According to the latest statistics, the number of esports players has reached about 260 million people. You can even bet on the most famous games such as Dota 2, CS GO, League of Legends, etc, said Darren Keane, Storm International CEO.

Why is esports so popular and what is the reason for such an increased interest? 

The answer to this question should not be looked for deeply, it lies on the surface and consists in the following phenomena: 

  • mass character and availability; 
  • entertainment; 
  • unpredictability. 


The fact is that computer games have long become a mass phenomenon. Thanks to the Internet, it has become possible to play with friends and like-minded people from other countries, Darren Keane from Storm International noted. In addition, in eSports, people with disabilities can take part in competitions at a full level, no different from the rest. 


The held championships in computer games gather a huge number of fans in large arenas. In terms of numbers, some of them can be compared with major hockey and even football tournaments. Cyber events are broadcast on all continents. So a multi-million audience of viewers watches the competitions online. Each game is conducted by commentators and analysts who discuss all the interesting moments during the match. 


Unlike physical sports, the main feature of eSports matches is unpredictability. As the characters are upgraded, their strength increases, therefore, the dynamic component increases. As a result, each subsequent confrontation is more uncompromising and spectacular. And the price of the slightest mistake leads to instant defeat. 

Why is esports so popular? 

For a professional esports player, there are pretty strict selection criteria. The reaction time is measured on a special device and should correspond to 0.13-0.15 seconds. To achieve a similar result, you need to play for about 8-10 hours a day. Plus, as studies show, the peak of form falls in the age range of 21-24 years. It turns out that if you are already over 27, it means that it is already too late to perform at the international level. 

In practice, cybercareer ends somewhere around the age of 25-26. At this age, the reaction time is reduced, and a young student can beat you. But in games where nothing depends on the reaction, you can play at the top level even at 30-35 years old. However, there are no barriers and age restrictions for performances at the amateur level. So cybersport is always available not only for professionals but also for everyone.

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