eSports Players Have More Chances to Win in Casinos: Truth or Myth?

There is an opinion that since both eSports and casino games are types of gambling, players with experience in one of them have higher chances to win than the other. To those who are not familiar with gambling, these kinds of games really seem similar.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that they have very little in common. When it comes to the skills that players need to succeed, they are totally different for those who have fun at eSports and those who prefer spinning the reels of el torero online or playing poker, for example. Let us tell you about it in more detail. 

Professional Gamblers Are Solo Players

Many movies such as “21” represent professional casino gambling as a team activity. However, in real life, the situation is totally different as everyone plays for himself. Gamblers admit that part of the appeal of gambling is that it is a special kind of competition: man against the whole world.

Speaking of table games, the gambler is playing against his opponents, not with them. Of course, not all casino games are the same. Gaming sites offer many new games from well-known global providers that have more fun than struggle, and some of them actually encourage player cooperation.

However, this is almost never the case in professional gambling, especially table games. Gamblers are usually lone wolves.

Casino Games Do Not Require Special Equipment

You can play blackjack or poker on any computer or even on your smartphone. Of course, you can also go to a casino and not use any devices at all. In the case of eSports, the situation is completely different. You need to play with a good gaming mouse and a highly responsive mechanical keyboard.

There are many options for peripherals, varying in size, form factor, and sensitivity, but it’s best to choose what’s right for you. To get some ideas, listen to what cybersports professionals have to say about the gaming equipment they use.

eSport is Mostly About Teamwork

The principle of cybersports is totally different. Lots of professional cyber athletes play in teams and are used to relying on each other during the game. A large part of players’ success lies in the ability to quickly exchange information and communicate in order to regroup or change strategy mid-game.

Even those who play one-on-one sometimes create teams to share some knowledge and experience. This is something that is useless to casino players and can take the cybersports player-turned-gambler by surprise.

Successful eSports play is as much about individual talent as it is about the culture surrounding the game. Before you spend too much time learning the intricacies of a particular game, spend some time lurking in forums and other places where players gather.

This experience will give you a better understanding of the path ahead, and you’ll be able to judge whether the path of a professional player matches your personal goals and motivations.

High-Level Casino Gambling is Slow and Deliberate

Another significant distinction between cybersports and gambling is the pace. Those who have watched at least one poker tournament are aware of the fact that a professional player can take forever to think about his next move, and it’s forbidden to rush him.

High-level games of chance are not unlike chess, in that success often depends on how well a player can adapt his strategy to outwit his opponent.

This principle also applies to cybersports, albeit on a smaller scale and at a very different pace. For example, experience in cybersports can reduce a player’s chances in casino table games, as he may act hastily out of habit.

In eSports, the Body’s Quick Reactions Matter

Those eSports players who have some years of experience tend to act reflexively during the game. According to researchers at the University of Nevada, eSports require a high degree of physical coordination.

Players must make split-second decisions, which means they often make those decisions unconsciously – their bodies act based on years of experience. To be good at eSports, you have to master the mechanics of the game.

Focus on learning specific gameplay skills until they become ingrained in your muscle memory. Whether it’s the last shot in a MOBA, precision targeting in an FPS, or maximum actions per minute in an RTS, these skills will never lose their importance.

Professional players practice mechanics tirelessly to stay sharp and make minute-to-minute improvements.

In some ways, eSports have more in common with traditional sports than with casino games because they also require intense physical training, albeit in an unconventional way.

These skills are not useful in professional gambling since none of the casino table games require a short reaction time (at least as far as the body’s reactions are concerned).

Cunning is Less Important in eSports

Another difference between cybersports and casino gambling is the importance of deception. Jan Andersen, a professional blackjack player, wrote a book, “Turning the Cards Las Vegas,” where he describes lots of tricks that help a player disguise his skills at the table and fake his emotions to deceive his opponents.

Researchers also say that trickery and deception are integral parts of gambling. In contrast, in eSports, where strategy is required, there is no need (and also time) for this level of deception during play.


eSports can be a pass to gambling from a psychological point of view since the idea of betting is not new to cybersport players. Nevertheless, when it comes to skills and techniques required, there is little in common between cybersports and casino gambling.

At this point, there is no evidence that cybersport players have a better chance of winning at the casino. But remember, whether you choose casino gambling or eSports if you want to become a professional, you need many hours of practice.

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