EZMUT Is Already Talking About The New Features Of Madden NFL 22

EA Sports has published a new blog post on what will happen to Madden NFL 22. This is not a typo. Even before Madden NFL 21, the developers began to discuss his game plans for next year as part of the studio’s increased transparency.

EZMUT said in a blog post that although Madden NFL 22 is still very early, the development team is already planning the areas they want to focus on. Regarding the preview of Madden NFL 22 only in the pre-production stage, EZMUT outlines some areas that EA Sports can solve, but it is still uncertain.

From a more contemporary perspective, EZMUT caught a glimpse of the planned Madden NFL 21 post-launch support program, although he again stated that these conditions might change.

The list includes basic player adjustments, updates to the playoffs and Super Bowl broadcast packages, improved UI for career data, and new commission tools that allow players to cancel transactions MUT Coins and approve transactions.

MADDEN NFL 22 – Post-release support

Adjustments-improved player progress and regression. Improve the development of major players in the future so that the X-factor and the abilities of other older players can deal with the rookie curriculum.

AI staff management-AI will make better team management decisions in projects, free agency, and transactions.

Playoffs and Super Bowl performance upgrades and refreshes.

X-Factor/Superstar Ability Customization-Introduces the function of customizing X Factor and all players’ abilities, allowing you to customize the roster, but you think it is appropriate.

Occupation Statistics UI-Improved UI that shows the historical performance of players. Get a more immersive and in-depth understanding of the player’s development in your franchise.

Trade logic-higher fidelity, depth, and authenticity.

Retirement user interface-a better overview of each season’s retiring situation to enable players to react/manage.

Playoff update-Added an actual playoff support screen to see who participated in the game, who won the game, and who is next.

Also, in the blog post, EZMUT talked about some concerns about the lackluster performance of Madden NFL 21’s franchise model. According to him, EA Sports will devote a higher percentage of team bandwidth to the development of new franchise functions for Madden NFL 21 and Madden NFL 22.

Just like you, we are passionate franchise fans, and we have issued some of the most passionate franchise voices to lead the way to innovation, said EZMUT.

Finally, EZMUT pointed out that EA regards the Madden NFL series as a real real-time service, which is constantly evolving with new content and features.

EZMUT said: The game you bought on the day of release is just the beginning of the annual journey of Madden NFL 21. Our commitment to you is to make meaningful changes to the game throughout the year. In Madden NFL 21, We will expand our field service team to deliver franchise rights in a more targeted manner based on your feedback while continuing to develop larger games for our Madden fans.

Currently, EZMUT said that EA plans to release two or three headline updates for Madden NFL 21 within a few months after its launch.

In other news, EA Sports has confirmed that after real-world sports teams canceled names that have been widely criticized for their character, EA is making last-minute changes to Madden NFL 21 to avoid the Washington Redskins. The game will be updated with the general Washington team and logo until the current sports team decides and announces a new name.

Madden NFL 21 will arrive on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 28. It will also be available on the next-generation PS5 and Xbox Series X and provide free upgrades for the current generation through EA’s dual licensing program. For more detailed information, please refer to our Madden NFL 21 pre-order guide.

Madden 22 cover athlete

Every year, star coverage is usually the first thing we know about Madden, so it’s no wonder we don’t know when EA hasn’t commented too much on it. However, a seemingly credible rumor suggests that a player was particularly praised by Madden’s cover star this year.

According to a photo leak from GameStop in Pennsylvania, a customer saw a pre-order infographic for GameStop employees, indicating that this year’s cover character will be the last 2,000-yard runner, Derek Henry, the Tennessee Titans.

Henry made sense for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, EA likes to cover up some of the biggest stars in the game. It tried to vote for fans in Twelve Days of Fever, and after Brown’s passionate fans attracted publishers by suppressing the count, it allowed Peyton Hillis, a flashback supporter, to board On the cover. Vote for Hillis.

Recently, EA did not allow outsiders to make such big marketing decisions for the brand, so it has been used by Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and Lamar Jackson. Wait for some safe options to be replaced.

Henry (Henry) won honors in three consecutive outstanding seasons, thus establishing his own Hall of Fame career, including many years of successive championships and his last season, which made him the eighth yard in a season A player who walks 2,000 yards.

When the game is launched, Henry is likely to be ranked 99th overall, so he would be a good fit, mainly if this year’s new features focus on ground games.

In addition to his congratulations on athletic ability, it might be a bit neat to put Derrick Henry on the cover of Madden 22 in jersey No. 22.

Suppose Henry’s leak is false, or the decision has not been finalized. In that case, other possible candidates include Russell Wilson, Aaron Donald, or DeAndre Hopkins, all of whom play in the NFC West. Still, nothing Denyingly sit like some of the people who are about to be evacuated, Lamar Jackson’s most likely heir. The throne serves as Madden’s cover star.

Have you improved the franchise model?

In last year’s game, Tiburon corrected some of the fans’ errors through three important post-release fixes to the game’s franchise model, ranked in the back row in the recent history of the series Super lucky Madden Ultimate Team mode. Many fans will be happy to see the franchise model generate more grease in follow-up actions this summer.

Executive producer Sean EZMUT said that this is the team’s intention after the third and final update of Madden 21. The franchise community is vital to us, and we thank you for your enthusiasm for Madden NFL.

We read your review, and it is clear that you want more. We have seen your request for detailed information about the expectations of the franchise community.

Although I don’t have many details to share at the moment, I can tell you that our team is actively working to strengthen the plan to support Madden 21 and beyond Regional franchising. 

Is the yard back?

Last year, after its debut in the front yard, the yard was also expected to return. Paddock is a new arcade mode that is closer to the NFL Street era than a realistic simulation. The method is flashy, fast, and fun.

Not only that, but it also allows EA to sell cosmetics, which provides another way for microtransactions. This is useful because EA’s ultimate team (equivalent to gambling) may continue to be banned by countries around the world, as is the case in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Look for Madden 22 to continue to focus on its main pillars: the ultimate team, franchise, the face of the franchise-the game’s story mode, and the return of The Yard.

Superstars KO and The Yard overlap each other, but EA allowed them to coexist last year instead of abandoning the old model and using the new model, so I hope they can all reappear.

As EA talks more about the new modes, changes in the game story, and other new ways to play Madden 22, we will introduce them here.

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