For Ladies: 5 Things You Should Wear to Look Jaw-Droppingly Rich

While it is true that we do not need to show other people what we have–whether it talks about our financial stability, work or career, relationship status, and so on that was deeply influenced by the standards set by society–some people have no other option but to look one step ahead of the ladder.

In the business world, entrepreneurs need to look rich to invite more people to join their team or company. At the same time, they must please their clients with how they look because their first impression matters especially if they are into affiliate marketing or networking.

So if you are struggling to find tips on how to look wealthy, here are some things we have recommended for you to wear all the time or when meeting clients and potential investors! 

  1. The Perfect Luxury Watch

If you need to show off in your workplace, we suggest that you wear an extraordinary timepiece! Try to find a luxury watch that has a great reputation and brand recognition. Your ultimate goal is to impress your clients and to look not just at being presentable but also at being rich.

Don’t worry because you can buy a watch for less than a hundred dollars. But to look extravagant, we suggest to go and find a classic luxury watch from highly reputable stores such as Rolex, Cartier, and Hermes. 

If you strive for a more sophisticated look, purchasing a Rolex Lady Datejust will give you that unique, sophisticated, and luxurious look. It is one of the best selling feminine wristwatches of Rolex and someone who wears it will surely look classy and elegant. Not to mention that it is made with exceptional craftsmanship and is considered the most accurate wristwatch in the world.

  1. Nice Shoes

Believe it or not, the type of shoe a person wears daily reflects a part of his or her personality. There was already a study that has been conducted in 2012 by Gillath that shoes can also be a source of first impressions. Somehow, the shoe you might be wearing can tell exactly who you are as a person, your income, age, gender, and so on. 

So to look rich, you should also pick the most stylish shoe you have in your cabinet. It must be well-polished and complementing your body structure (whether you are on the feminine or the masculine side). By doing so, you will be able to project the image that you wanted to show.

Particularly if you want to look rich, we recommend that you buy a shoe from well-known shoe manufacturers like Nike, Adidas, and Fila (if it is a sports shoe).

  1. Fine Clothes

You want to show people that you have more than enough money in your wallet so make sure that you wear the clothes suitable for your body type. Make them think that your clothes are tailored specifically for you! Whether you are in a casual or formal meeting, pick the best attire out of your cabinet, the one which fits your figure!

Just a tip! If you are buying clothes in a mall or department store, you should make sure that you do not only pick and pay for them directly at the counter. Go to the fitting room and test if it flatters your body type, style, and personality! Because always remember that a person who’s comfortable with her outfits carry confidence! It is what you need when you are projecting a rich personality.

  1. Simple yet Classy Earrings

Do not ever wear fake earrings! Wearing fake earrings might turn down meticulous clients especially if they can assess the authenticity of your accessory in just a glance. Of course, you do not want to lose an important client or investor. Earrings are one of the accessories that can complement one’s attires and can show financial status at the same time. 

People have mostly different preferences when choosing earrings in the jewelry shop but if you want to look luxurious and rich, grabbing the gold, and silver one is the best choice! Keep in mind that you do not necessarily need to wear big earrings to show your style, just classy small earrings will do their job.

  1.  A Minimalist Necklace

Just like the earrings, the necklace is also a good pick when you are trying to show off a little bit of richness. Do not go with the bold necklaces that are too huge. Just a small gold or silver pendant necklace can help you look like someone who has a lot of savings on her bank account.

It is because some people see jewelry as an investment and once they see other people who wear it, chances are they will initially think that you are a financially secure person. Always wear your necklace and earrings (it is a combo!).

In a Nutshell

Whether we admit it or not, there are times in our lives that we want to impress other people with our financial status (even if it says the exact opposite in real-life). That certain scenario does make us worry about thinking of the best outfit or the best approach to other people for us to look rich. What more if the nature of your work requires you to project a wealthy persona every day? It can be quite a challenge for some! Do not be anxious anymore. Just wear these five things we have listed for you, and you should start looking fabulous!

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