450+ Funny Nicknames For Boys And Girls

We All known by our names but the names can be different like school names, funny nicknames, short names, etc. the person is known in the school, college, and office by its complete names like his or her real names with the surnames.

But in the family and in the friend’s circle they call you by your nicknames. the nicknames can be funny or your short names. it’s no matter that you are a boy or girl but your friends will give you crazy funny names because they love you and the person who loves you most wants to give you a special identity.

These names are very popular among the friends because you know that friends never call you by your original name they will call you according to your habits like if you are funny they will give you the funny name or if you are sad then they will give you the sad nickname.

So let’s discuss some funny names for both boys and girls and you can select any of these names for your friend or your family member.

Funny nicknames for girls

If you want to give your girlfriend or your friend that is a girl then you are in the right place. select any of the nicknames given in the table for your friend.

The boys looking for the funny nicknames for girls to give these names to their friend’s circles girls. These are the favorite names for girl’s nicknames. Also, read- sexy girl names

Funny girlThoughtful FulderdFunny Girl My GuyPhenny Funny GirlWonderful Fusion
I am Funny galFunny Girl PygmyEplersedistFuntiff Food FuelFunny Girl Despair
Funny Girl RotundPhenny Funny GirlUndly in DoodlesFunny Girl Shiny GazeFunny Funny Girl
Ing HalflingOffurnedreststaFunny Girl NunuYouthful BeyoYoreLayes Crumbles
Cumbersome FuntereFunny Girl BodyGuardMindful FulyFural FuelFunny Girl Super lady
Funny Girl PoogirlOnly stsbaskessUndemedentersFunny Girl Bed FuelSnow bunny Funny Girl
HempreavedifPonat PlaterFunny Girl Fun TimeSide sestirFueseen Bestie
OfterarenFunny Girl CharlosInnocent Funny GirlFuntatermaEasy going Funny Girl
Funny Girl YounginEndedi Red CheeksInkilsifunFunny Girl GauntletCute Lady Ficust
Easy going Funny GirlParched PledsFunny Girl Cuddle BunnySuper lady Funny GirlFuld ramil
funny nicknames for girls

Funny nicknames for guys

Hey, guys are you looking for the funny nickname for one of the guys in your friend circle? then you can select any of these names given in the table for your friend. we choose these names, especially for your friend circle.

funny nicknames
funny nicknames
Queen Bee  Punch  FuzzyFox  Berry  
funny nicknames for guys

Funny nicknames for friends

These names are for your best friends. select and name your friend a beautiful nickname. Also, read- Navajo names

Big BoyFishBerryPigCannonball
BlondieSmashQueen BeeGingerStarfall
TankChefBashMutt  Mugsy  
Bobo  Piggy  DoubleRougeHandsome
funny nicknames for friends

Funny pokemon nicknames

These names are selected names for the kids who love cartoons especially Pokemon. Pokemon is one of the favorite characters of the kids. the kids play the Pokemon game with their friends and want to name each other the Pokemon nicknames.

So in the table given below is for the Pokemon funny nicknames which can be used by the kids for their play. Also, read- Skyrim Nord names

funny nicknames
funny nicknames
BerriotHyponyPandamePapayak  Repelican
Hippounce  CoyoniteKoasaurToacoonChimpyss
funny pokemon nicknames

Funny nicknames for boyfriend

These are the funny nicknames for your boyfriend, if you want to give the nickname to your boyfriend then, first of all, you need to select the name according to the nature of your boyfriend. the natures are different types lime sad, happy, angry, short tamper, fighting, love, etc.

So, first of all, you have to decide the nature of your boyfriend then select the name given below the table. we share the name with the meaning so you can decide the name easily for your boyfriend. Also, read- Samurai names

Sear (Fire)Acey (Electric)Dune (Ground)Bonk (Fighting)Grimes (Dark)
Psi (Psychic)Jet (Electric)Bill (Flying)Volant (Flying)Braze (Steel)
Snay (Bug)Brawn (Fighting)Sable (Dark)Brice (Ice)Puddles (Water)
Omi (Dark)Poise (Poison)Deecey (Electric)Blite (Poison)Alph (Psychic)
Claye (Ground)Mott (Bug)Shay (Dark)Sprye (Electric)Charlie (Fire)
Brice (Ice)Myth (Dragon)Monev (Poison)Boyle (Fire)Myte (Bug)
Glaze (Ice)Arachni (Poison)Blight (Poison)Aquis (Water)Aura (Flying)
Puddle (Water)Faye (Fairy)Fowley (Flying)Hale (Ice)Gritt (Ground)
Sable (Dark)Toxy (Poison)  Myte (Bug)  Brandey (Steel)Fighe (Fighting)  
Poyse (Poison)  Flo (Ice)Alpha (Psychic)Aquis (Water)Petal (Grass)
funny nicknames for boyfriend

Funny inappropriate nicknames

Past  Life  SecretHeart  Life
funny inappropriate nicknames

Funny nicknames for sisters

The relation between the brother and sisters are incredible, they fight, they compete with each other, etc. but all know that how much they love each other from their heart.

Not sister but brother also loves his sister very much and they both give each other nicknames mostly funny nicknames.

But these names are for the sisters. if you want to give your sister a funny name then you can select any of these names given in the table because we select some very funny names for your sister. Also, read- Filipino girl names

funny nicknames for sister
funny nicknames for sister
Sister SheruUnlystantedidedPlucky DucSister Tear SoulStocky Sister
Enchanted SisterIttieffiestSister SideburnsSoulase ChastePositive Sireve
LitheIstotheSister RiddlerAmusing SisterDashingIschicSister Skinner
Sister PrissPositive SisterHestr MistacheSister StatueBasks Whiskers
Ransed sontaSturs Head BustaSister BoxerStocky SisterLendson WeeGoon
Defiant AgenuffiSister PoisonousMeds CreedenceIngdon StarshineSister Streako
Sister Cherry BugVissy SisterSindurnessSister DissentAlluring Galu
Amusing SisterFor FootballSister VortexArtistic SisterGenerous Manges
Gossip guy SitudSister SilmarilPastry SisterIshil Red ChiliSister Sisso
Sister GarterElite WhanielSentsignitSister Best GirlWhimsicalIsila
funny nicknames for sisters

Funny nicknames for marines

Jar HeadPIG (Rifleman)Gun Bunny (Artillery man)Brown BaggerFart Sniffer
Devil Dog03 Hump-a-lot (Infantry)Non-rate (E1 and E2)Boot – a new MarineFudge Packer
Leather NeckGunny (Gunnery Sergeant)Nick HighnCannon CockerBlow Hard
Ground Pounder (Infantry)Top (Master Sergeant)Sergeant morganFat BodyTaxi Service
Bullet catcher (Infantry)Gunner (CWO-5 Infantry Weapons Officer)Caotain MorganMarine comboUber Driver
Grunt (Infantry)Butter Bars (2nd Lieutenant)Captain Jack spairoGyrene Bubble Heads
Hollywood Marine (Marine from MCRD San Diego)Skipper (Captain)Sea hawksUncle Sam’s Misguided ChildrenButt Sharks
Dump Dogs (Ammo Techs)Q-tip (First Phase Marine Recruit)POG – Personnel Other than GruntBullet SpongeBarnacle Scrubber
Arty Mech (Artillery mechanic)Old Salt / Salty (Experienced Marine)NonrateSEA GOING BELLHOPSNavy Corpsman – Doc
HOG (Sniper)War Horse (Older Marine with extensive combat experience)Brass – OfficersRust PickerQueen Bee
funny nicknames for marines

Funny nicknames for boys

These names are funny nicknames for boys as you can see in the table given below.

We are sharing these names with you because boys’ funny nicknames are also a category in this article and girls searching for these names on the internet to give them nicknames to the boys. Also, read- Kobold names

SweetyJuicedChiseledOrange tan guySparkle
SkullcrushingJackedLight weightMcgruntingtonGolden
BulkingBeefyMincedShorty shortSunshine
SwoledLunkyGun showTexter brahButtercup
PumpBuffFreakzillaShower StockerTwirly
RippedDieselBrolicCreepy sweatpantsRainbow
ShrededBeastmode4 ScoopSexy butt manShiny
YolkedTantesticSelfie StarToo tight tJacky
BuffyMeatyPerfume guyShimmerRaju
GruntingPeeledLady boyGlitzBaburao
funny nicknames for boys

What are funny nicknames

The funny nicknames are the names that are used by your family and your friends to name you differently than others. when you go to the school, college, and office you use your proper name there with your surname.

But when you hang out with your family and friends they call you by the short names, funny names, or any kind of nicknames.

Who can use these nicknames

These funny nicknames are written for many categories like for boys, girls, friends, and also for marines. so anybody who needs these names for any reason can use them by boys and girls. the names can be selected from the table given above in the article.


So that’s it guys these are the funny nicknames for you, you can select any of these names from the tables given above in the content.

These names are for everyone like boys and girls because we include other categories related to this article because we want to cover the full solution for your query. please share this article with your friends and family for fun.

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