Guide on The Best Desktop Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Wallet in 2021!

List of Best Desktop Wallets to Store Bitcoin in 2021!

Are you a part of the crypto scene? Do you know the ways to keep your Bitcoins safe? After converting Bitcoins through BTC to NPXS exchange, it is vital to store them securely. For this, you need digital wallets where all the money can stay safe. The cryptocurrency wallet selection can be a challenging task for the first users. But there is a lengthy list of options to safeguard your Bitcoin funds and go from rags to riches with this exceptional currency.

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Top-Rated Desktop Wallets to Secure Bitcoin!

Before you hop to the top cryptocurrency digital secure storages in the market or Buy bitcoin, it is imperative to choose them. Correct reasoning and logical answers can help you to evaluate the right options for this currency. 

• Best Desktop Wallets is a safe option to store crypto funds and get exchanges through the computer. 

• They have multi-level security with private keys and pins that ensure no hacking or cyber theft. 

• Few desktop wallets are nothing but a graphical imprint of the cold wallet. It means that the software is not just an actual storage medium but a graph-based UI that displays assets restored in the cold wallet. 

• Even in terms of convenience and security, desktop crypto wallets are an excellent option. Users can send and transfer Bitcoin and indulge in selling activities with the help of just a few clicks. 

• The cryptocurrency trader amplifies the crypto management process and converts it into a more accessible format without a fuss. • Finally, they are accessible in different varieties to offer convenience for the users.

Now, let’s proceed to the list of best desktop cryptocurrency wallets in 2021!

1. Ledger lives – User-friendly interface, great functionality, and very high usability are the few aspects that are making this crypto wallet a top pick. Its USPs are high-level security, complete protection from physical damages, and allows you to collect over 1500 tokens and coins. Ledger Live is a top-ranked desktop wallet for Bitcoin that is inexpensive and amazing to use. 

2. Trezor – It is a Bitcoin secure storage software that supports many cryptocurrencies along with a top-notch security level. Trezor confirms consistent updates on firmware and notifies users on every transaction. It is a pricey desktop Bitcoin storage software that also has a system to recognize unauthorized access immediately. 

3. Exodus – Users can also go for Exodus as a desktop-compatible cryptocurrency wallet in the market. It has very high usability, excellent customer support, and impeccable multiple Bitcoin options. 4. Electrum – It is a fantabulous Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet with unique features and compatible software for all types of cryptocurrencies. Electrum utilizes all the data stored on the server and follows two-factor authentication for this purpose.


There are also several other leading desktop Bitcoin storage options such as MyCelium or Blockchain. It is entirely up to you to select the ideal Bitcoin desktop wallet per your need and requirements. After a thorough check on the usability, design, features, and navigation of all the above options, you can select the ideal one and ensure a smooth cryptocurrency exchange and transfer process!

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