How to Guild Wars 2 Legendary Soo-Won Weapon Variants?

Guild Wars 2 players can now unlock the Legendary Soo-Won weapon variants, a set of Soo-Won-themed weapon skins, using the item Fragment of Prismatic Life. The skins were added in the February 28, 2023 game update and can be acquired after completing the collection of Aurene’s Facet of Life. Unlocking all 16 skins rewards players with The Facet of Water and Life achievement.

In this Article, LOLTANK Share The best way to obtain the new Soo-Won Legendary variants! This collection is pretty straightforward, so follow along and you’ll be able to get your hands on these weapons in no time. 


First, you’ll need to purchase four Scale Splinters of Soo-Won from Levi at Arborstone. This will cost you 350k karma, 10 chunks of Ancient Ambergus, 2500 Research Notes, 75 GW2 Gold, and 100 Spirit Shards. Once you’ve bought all four, combine them in your inventory to start the collection. 

Next, you’ll need to purify the scale by clearing the Meta on the new map, Gala Delve. Make sure you have a Jade Filter on while you’re in there, or you’ll suffocate! Once you’ve completed the Meta, you’ll fight the Ravenous Wanderer, who will drop the purified scale. 

Now, it’s time to farm memories. You’ll need 250 memories from events scattered across the Canton region. The best spots to farm these memories are Dragon’s End and Yellow Delve, as they are densely packed with events.

Once you’ve finished memory farming, you’ll need to defeat Prototype Xj1. Xj1 is the final boss for the Gang Wars Meta Event located in Echoold Wilds. This Meta will eventually lead you into the Zoon Light Junkyard, where the boss will spawn. Make sure to equip your Oren Legendary before you attempt to kill him or you may run into some bugs. 

After that, you’ll need to purchase an Uncharged Fragment from Levi at Arborstone. This will cost you 200 Jade Rune Stones, 250 Memories of Maureen, and 5 Mystic Clovers. 

The final step is to charge the fragment by defeating Soo-Won in Dragon’s End. This is one of the most difficult open-world bosses to defeat, so try to get into a squad that knows what they’re doing and make sure your Oren Legendary is equipped before you begin. Once Soo-Won is defeated, you’ll receive a charged fragment of Prismatic Life and your collection will be complete! 


The Legendary Soo-Won weapon variants are a great way for Guild Wars 2 players to show their dedication to the game. With a bit of effort and the Fragment of Prismatic Life, players can unlock the 16 skins and be rewarded with The Facet of Water and Life achievement. Fans of Soo-Won will be excited to get the chance to use these skins in the game.

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