Waiting For Final Year results? Here’s what soon-to-be college graduates can do during the lockdown!

Covid-19 pandemic is still going on and it has affected every student as they had to adapt to new ways of study practice. But final year students are facing the highest troubles as uncertainty looms over their future as examinations and evaluations have been delayed.

On top of that, there is a serious economic crisis coming and a lot of companies have stopped their recruitment offers, and many companies are also undergoing a cut in employees creating another problem for the upcoming graduates.

There’s no denying the fact that the situations are not very favourable for such students but still, you can carve out an opportunity from a crisis with a good solid strategy, positive thinking and a good plan. Let’s look at how you can capitalize on opportunities from crises. 

Develop your skill 

There are many online platforms that provide high-quality training for specific skills that you are interested in. Be it photoshop, ZBrush, web development or programming you can find courses online. Join a course, learn a new skill or polish your skill. When the interview comes, if you have good skills you will have a higher chance of getting placements. 

Start Preparing For Government Jobs 

There will be vacancies every year for government jobs, be it technical or non-technical openings will come for sure. Download Entri and start preparing for Government Exams in your language. Since Government jobs are considered highly prestigious there will be huge competition but with proper study practice and smart work, you can easily crack one. Another good thing about government exams is that their patterns are almost similar, so by studying one syllabus you can compete for many exams. 

Hone Your Hobby 

You are getting plenty of time due to being locked down. Why don’t you try to improve your hobbies? Some people may like to write, create a blog and start writing. If you love cooking, start a youtube channel and create cooking videos. If you love photography, create new pictures and publish them on Instagram. 

Polish you English

Be it speaking or writing it’s always good to improve your vocabulary skill. Read highly rated English classic novels, read newspapers daily. Start practicing speaking in front of a mirror, how will you introduce yourself? Speak about what you want to be in 5 years. Make a circle of friends who are interested in improving English and practice speaking with them regularly. 

Start A Entrepreneurship 

If finding a job is hard for you, then why don’t create one. Starting an Entrepreneurship is the best thing you can do for your career and growth. You will have to do a lot of research before starting but it will be a great experience. There are government loans for entrepreneurship projects, make use of them. What is a greater joy than creating jobs for others? 

Start a Youtube channel 

Starting a youtube channel is a great experience. You can build public speaking skills through it. Share your ideas and views on topics, create artistic content, express yourself through video vlogging. Who knows, maybe you can start earning money through it. 

There are always opportunities even in dark times, we have to find it and make use of it. Building a successful life requires a lot of patience and taking responsibility for your life.

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