How A Student Can Develop Self-Control Skills

They say you should only do what you want to do. Great advice from psychologists, but don’t take it too literally. There are things you should do. A student must attend lectures and seminars to successfully pass the exams and move on to the next course.

At the end of your studies, you need to write a thesis and defend it in front of the committee. At work, you need to perform tasks on time and comply with the requirements of the employer. And if you have your project, you need self-control skills. After all, achieving even the most interesting and inspiring goal involves solving a number of routine tasks.

The secret of success in any business: motivation and willpower 

When we act under the influence of inner motivation, we do not have to force ourselves. Emotions, positive or negative, leave no doubt about the necessity of action. It happens when we are very interested in something or very afraid.  

It is not so simple with external motivation. This includes praise, good grades, or just money. Your emotional sphere doesn’t really care about any of this. So you have to engage another mechanism, which is willpower.

Laziness and unwillingness to do something inevitably arise on the way to achieving the goal and can become a serious obstacle. To overcome these obstacles, a person has to make an effort, that is, to mobilize all of his or her mental and physical capabilities.

Most often this manages with great difficulty. Remember how difficult it is to return to the work rhythm immediately after the vacation. But this is half the trouble. When students lose the inner motivation to study, they sometimes drop out. And the problem is that this reaction in the future is fixed and spreads to other areas of life. And such a course of action does not lead to anything good.

If you get bored with your studies, that is not a reason to immediately abandon what you started and start looking for another activity. Most likely, a new passion will suffer the same fate, and you risk not finding yourself in anything.

So when the inner motivation has died down, you need to develop willpower and commit to self-discipline. Sometimes this is not easy to do and many students often give up and think where can I buy descriptive essay? But fortunately, there are ways to develop self-control skills and make everyday tasks much easier.

Define your goals properly

This should be undertaken at the very beginning. Living without goals and aspirations is like swimming in the open sea on a mattress. Fascinating, but very dangerous.

That’s why it’s so important to realize in time that getting an education – is the main goal. Not the grade for the course project, not the praise of parents, and not even a diploma, but the knowledge and skills that you get to learn. After all, this is the knowledge that will ultimately determine the way you think and form the basis for your future professional life. 

Understanding and accepting this fact will help the student to choose a specialty according to his interests, and not the one that is easier to enroll in. And the student who is sincerely interested in learning will achieve success in his professional path faster.

If the goal is defined by the heart and the passion of the soul, it will be easy to develop the skill of self-discipline. After all, when work brings pleasure, is it difficult to get up at 7 or even 6 a.m. for the sake of it?

Turn extrinsic motivation into intrinsic one 

Let’s look at an example of how the mechanism of intrinsic motivation works.

Sometimes to enjoy the process of reading a new book, you have to force yourself to overcome the first few chapters. The book should be tasted, get used to its plot, and only then the content will arouse emotion and interest. Well, and then make yourself no longer have to.  

A taste for learning can also be developed. It’s enough to make a small effort and be deliberately immersed in the study of new topics. But do not hurry: read thoughtfully, highlight and emphasize the main points. Gradually comprehension will come and with it interest. 

Accustom yourself to this approach and you do not have to memorize anything, because interesting information is remembered by itself.

Make an optimal daily routine 

Follow it! In addition to the benefits for the development of self-discipline skills, the regime will have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. After all, regularity – a guarantee of certainty and confidence in the future.

You should not rush to extremes and create harsh conditions for yourself, turning your own life into hard labor. The schedule should be loyal to your biological rhythms. Getting up at 5 in the morning and jogging before school will not benefit everyone. The main thing is to have a certain routine in your life.

A regimen of the day must include the following items:

  • sleep;
  • physical activity;
  • personal hygiene;
  • nutrition;
  • school and work;
  • free time and leisure.

All the above should be carefully planned and rigorously observed. In any case, you cannot ignore one of the items in favor of any other. For example, preparing for the exam – no reason to give up sleep and rest. Just like a desire to lie in bed longer does not justify being late for school.

Remember that compliance with the regime turns every planned action into a habit. And a habit is the hardest thing to give up.

Make a list of tasks and prioritize them   

Point by point, list all the unfulfilled tasks on the paper. And suddenly it turns out that there are not so many tasks, but only 6 or 7. Can a person do 7 tasks? Of course!

Identify the tasks that are most important at the moment. Prioritize them.

Proceed to the most important items on the list. And most likely, you’ll be surprised how easily and quickly the rest are solved. And some of them can be easily postponed for later.  

It’s important to keep your thoughts in order to practice self-control skills. Anxiety and confusion are not good helpers. So when they first appear, take paper and pen and make a clear plan. Clarity and certainty will lead to the right state of calm and balance.

There are special mobile applications for planning and control to help students. For example, Agnessa Mini for android and 24me for iOs.  

School and college years are a great time to find interests and self-development. Cultivate your willpower, bring routines into your life. This is how you create a solid foundation for successful advancement in your profession.

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