How A Tantric Naked Massage Can Heal Sexual Trauma

It is estimated that upwards of 20% of women and 4% of men in the UK have experienced sexual assault and the resulting trauma. That is a staggering statistic. It is well documented that people who have survived the horrors of sexual assault live with lasting effects of the trauma.

A number of different strategies are recommended, including PTSD counselling, psychotherapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy. Many therapists also recommend exercises and activities that help survivors reconnect with their bodies and their sexuality.

Some people reconnect with themselves, post-assault, through partnered sex, others through masturbation. Another option is naked massage. Seeing a tantric expert for a naked massage can be a viable step towards regaining comfort and confidence.     

What Is Tantric Healing?

Addressing sexual trauma through naked massage is not a new idea. The ancient art of tantra has been used for centuries to bridge the gap between body, mind and soul. Intentional breathing, sensuous touch and clear communication are fundamental to tantric massage. These are also key elements in the overcoming of sexual trauma.  

In the Western World, tantra is seen as a foreign and exotic practice.Tantra carries an exotic mysticism with it in part because it is an ancient practice that at first glance may not seem very relatable in this day and age.

Many people think of a tantric naked massage as something so sensual that it must be deviant. The truth is that tantra is one of the most balanced and human practices of mind and body that you will find anywhere in the world. Because it is so balanced and gentle, naked massage and tantric touch can promote the healing needed after sexual assault.

Preparation and Considerations for a Naked Massage

Addressing past sexual trauma is a challenging and courageous step towards recovery. It is also something that you should discuss with your physician or therapist. You may want to discuss the prospect of a tantric massage with your medical team. They will be able to talk you through the pros and cons, and help you adjust your expectations and anxieties. 

  • talk to your medical or mental health care provider
  • inform our massage coordinator of your situation when booking
  • if you have a willing partner, consider making it a Couples’ Massage
  • discuss your goals and ideals with your masseuse during the consultation at the beginning of your appointment
  • ask your masseuse any questions you need to ask, she is there to help debrief after the fact with your care provider  

Are Secret Tantric masseuses equipped for this?

Our tantric masseuses are not doctors or therapists. They are, however, familiar with clients who seek out erotic and naked massage as a step in their personal healing journey.

Our tantric experts are skilled at promoting clear communication, validating and respecting consent, and making safe space for clients to become emotional. Tantric naked massage is not a replacement for therapy, but it can be a helpful tool on the road to recovery.  

Multiple benefits of naked massage 

Tantric naked massage is a gift that keeps on giving. The pleasure and relaxation of naked massage is wonderful in the moment, but its benefits can be felt well after. 

  • Relax, really relax – our masseuses are gifted in the art of relaxation. They will skillfully and thoughtfully set you at ease and create a comfortable and safe space.
  • Heighten your mood – the endorphins released during an erotic massage are the best natural high there is. An elevated mood can contribute to an overall increase in wellness and confidence. 
  • Get your sexy back – as the client, you are at the helm of this experience. Your masseuse will guide you through the process and provide you with a sumptuous finale, but you direct the pace and manner of touch. 
  • Regain confidence – having a concretely in-control sensual experience can do wonders for one’s confidence and sense of agency, two things that are often diminished in the wake of sexual assault.
  • Sleep well again – Many victims of sexual assault struggle with sleep dysfunction. The intentional, healing breathwork of tantra supports your parasympathetic nervous system which helps regulate your stress and sleep.

Transform your body – reduced stress is a major benefit of tantra. Less stress means less cortisol production, one of the major contributing factors to weight gain.   

Final Thoughts on Tantra

Tantra is not a cure all, nor is it a guaranteed solution to the trauma of sexual assault. It is, however, a time honoured way of connecting with a partner or yourself. Sexual trauma is one of the most devastating wounds possible for humans, on par with death of a loved one or being a victim of war. Recovering from a life-shattering event requires a long and varied path of healing, one tool of which can be a naked massage. 

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