How Can You Make It With Accounting Degrees

Thinking of how you can make it with your accounting degrees? Wondering how to be sure if your accounting can earn you money? Then this article is for you. 

With a predicted JGR (job growth rate) of 4% by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) and the potential to specialize in numerous areas affiliated with accounting, an accounting degree can place one in multiple positions for a successful career in numerous fields.

There are also numerous options for accounting degree holders to work in fields other than accounting. Online accounting homework help is one field or job you can explore, even as an accounting student.

You can work for various companies in several industries with just a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Businesses, companies, and organizations of all kinds require accounting specialists to compile and review financial records.

They ensure that all financial records are kept accurate and well-recorded. Some other services offered are payroll, bookkeeping, and general financial services.

The following are some examples of sectors in which accountants can get jobs:

• Construction firms

• Universities and colleges

• Insurance businesses

• Job placement services

• Scientific research companies

• Government Agencies (Executive, Legislative, and Others)

• Real estate companies

• Software development firms

• Financial investment firms

• Hospitals

• Pharmaceutical firms

Accountants are required in practically every industry to assist organizations in running efficiently. This implies that you will have a wide range of professional opportunities around the country after graduation. However, your career goals should determine when filling out job applications. Be sure to select firms in industries that match these goals.

A bachelor’s degree in accounting is frequently regarded as one of the greatest degrees to pursue. It is believed to lead to a satisfying profession and compensation. If you’re wondering what you can do with an accounting degree, this next section will help you. Note, however, that your interests and ambitions should take precedence here.

Accounting Roles You Can Choose From

Below are popular accounting occupations that students may pursue after graduation include: 

Accounting Manager

Accounting managers focus on developing and employing systems for collating and analyzing financial data. According to the BLS, the average accounting manager takes home $129,890 annually. 

Forensic Accountant

A forensic accountant’s key responsibilities include identifying fraud and examining and analyzing financial information. It also involves inspecting evidence and aiding with court proceedings. Forensic accountants pocket $74,260 as salary on average.

Tax Manager

Tax managers, like accounting managers, are in charge of supervising a team of professional accountants. They aim to prepare a company’s taxes and guarantee that all federal, state, and local tax requirements are followed. This frequently necessitates highly detailed and consistent study to keep current on any changes in the legislation. Depending on the firm, a tax manager will establish several techniques for saving the most money during tax season. 

Tax managers take home close to $82,000 annually. 

Certified Public Accountant

This job path examines and analyzes accounts, audits, and taxes. A certified public accountant earns an average of $74,060 annually.

Accounting Analyst

This professional path focuses on evaluating financial data for businesses. Accounting analysts earn an average yearly pay of $81,590.

Management Accountants

A management accountant’s major role is to provide financial information to assist firms in making key financial decisions. A management accountant earns $71,680 annually on average.

Staff Accountants

Staff accountants are responsible for several tasks such as budgeting, typing and analyzing reports for businesses, auditing software systems, and others. A staff accountant earns an average of $44,770 annually.

Accounting Clerk

This role entails ledger accounts, handling client problems, and assisting vendors. An accounting clerk pockets an annual salary of about $41,230.

Accountancy roles differ in responsibility. Businesses, organizations, and corporations will almost certainly need assistance with their taxes, finances, and other matters in the future. Any of these roles offer the potential for a consistent income and a fulfilling career.


Accounting is simply the process through which a company records its financial data. Accountants, like any other professional that handles financials, have a sole purpose in their jobs – they want to have a thorough view of the financial health of an organization at any given time.

Accounting is a dynamic subject with several career pathways available. You could start as an auditing clerk, progress to a staff accountant, and cap it off with the role of a chief financial officer. Whatever the job, one thing is certain: the pay is highly attractive.  

So, you should be able to progress in your search for a job after reading this article. Finding the ideal profession for you will surely be a piece of cake.

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