How Difficult Is It To Get A Medical Marijuana Card?

Trying to access marijuana in most places in the world is still surprisingly difficult. Whether because it is illegal or because access to it is heavily restricted, trying to get hold of even poor quality weed can be pretty challenging.

However, thanks to the gradually increasing awareness and acceptance of all things cannabis, it is now possible to get hold of marijuana in many places in the western world with a medical marijuana card.

Many people are Googling how to find a $20 medical card online, but this doesn’t mean it’s easy to get one.

Just how difficult is it to get an MMJ card, and how do you get one?

What Are Medical Marijuana Cards?

A lot of places in the world don’t have a medical marijuana program, let alone medical marijuana cards. People in such locations may not know what MMJ cards are.

An MMJ card is a physical card denoting permission from the government to possess, grow, and use marijuana. The program allows for those who could medically benefit from cannabis to access the drug, despite local laws that might make cannabis illegal.

Though it means different things in different states and countries, an MMJ card gives the user the ability to access cannabis reliably. Furthermore, it shows that cannabis has explicitly been sanctioned for use by the government.

This means that it will likely be of higher quality than much of the cannabis purchased elsewhere, even the bud being sold legally in recreational states.

Since many places in the USA have now legalized cannabis, it begs the question of why we need an MMJ card, to begin with. So, why would someone need a medical marijuana card?

Do You Need a Medical Marijuana Card?

Medical marijuana cards used to be of absolute necessity to access cannabis of any sort in the USA and many other places in the world. True, there was always the ability to buy it illegally, but the potential dangers of that made it not worth the risk.

An MMJ card, however, allowed people to access cannabis that could genuinely improve their lives.

These days, however, cannabis is legal in many states in the USA, making an MMJ card not as crucial for those who just want to partake or do not require larger doses.

However, for those who require a lot of cannabis to function, the situation is something altogether different.

The big reason why MMJ cards still exist even in states with legal marijuana is that they give the user a lot more choice and control over their cannabis intake.

For example, in Oregon, people with medical marijuana cards can not only legally grow more plants at home, but they can also possess and buy way more cannabis than regular people. Whether or not these legal distinctions are really the right move from the government is neither here nor there.

The fact is that an MMJ card can be beneficial for people who need a lot of cannabis, and they wouldn’t be able to get it otherwise.

So, just how difficult is it to get one?

How Difficult Can It Be to Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

How much trouble it can be to get an MMJ card depends almost entirely on where the person lives.

In some places, such as California, specialty stores exist to give out easy medical marijuana cards. People can just walk in, say they have migraines, and the doctor on staff will write them permission for the card.

In other states, however, it can be a lot trickier. In Texas, for example, prospective cannabis users will need to not only sit through a rigorous medical examination but also pay hefty fees to access the cannabis that they need. They will likely find it barely worth it at the end of it, as Texan medical marijuana cannot contain more than 0.5% THC!

To increase the chances of being approved for a medical marijuana card, make sure to focus the request around a specific medical condition.

If you are looking to treat a particular condition, make sure to go to a doctor who understands that condition and is compassionate towards it.

While it might be borderline impossible to get a medical marijuana card in many states, these tips might just be enough to make it a bit easier.

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