How Do Male Pornstars Last So Long In Sex

The first time I watched a porn movie, I could not but admire the male porn star who performed with an almost super human ability and of course, I wished I could also be as capable in sex as he was. His erection was almost instant.

His penis was erect even before the female partner gave him the blow job. He bashed this lady for a period of time that seemed to last forever without tiring out and without his penis ever going limp. I mean, he was a super man.

Amazing How Male Porn Stars Do It

The subsequent porn films that I watched had different scenarios, different situations, different stories and different actors but I noticed some similarities with the ones I have watched before. All the male porn stars seemed to last longer than an average man during sex.

I mean, I was just 19 then and was still exploring the all intriguing world of sex. Even though I lost my male virginity to my older sister’s best friend at age 14 and she and my sister were 19, I didn’t have much knowledge or experience in sex.

How To Get Down To The Truth?

Watching those male porn stars was to me a different experience and I was bent on finding out how those guys were able to be so good in what they did. Not that I wanted to be a porn star (that would have got me kicked out and disowned by my very religious parents), but I wanted to find out the secret.

When you are a young adolescent man, it is almost certain that you will get an erection anytime you see a beautiful woman even if she was old enough to be your mother. That’s just how hormones are and believe me; adolescent boys have more than enough of such. The question was how do these male pornstar dudes last so long whenever they perform sexual acts with their female partners?

My First Sexual Encounter Was A Disaster

I mentioned earlier on that I was disvirgined by my sister’s best friend but I didn’t mention that it was catastrophic. A disaster! Oh yes it was. 

First, I was inexperienced and here was this girl 5 years older than me with all the experiences I lacked. I was embarrassed.

Second, I was afraid somebody would come and see us. It happened in one of the uncompleted rooms of our then “under construction house”.

Third, my religiously educated mind was telling me this was a sinful act. I wanted to get out of her clutch and run away but when she started a blow job on me, I passed out. I came to only to see my sister smiling down on me and saying “the first time is always the toughest”.

That was when I knew the whole thing was planned. My sister would later tell me that her friend had always had the intention of having sex with me. The epilogue was that I later recovered from my embarrassed, stopped to be daddy’s and mummy’s religious son and was regularly having sex with this woman for 2 more years until she met the guy she married. All with the blessings of my beloved older sister.

I know I digressed a little bit all because I wanted to add a little spice to this article. 

I Came Upon The First Hint Of Hard Truth

I really can’t just remember the exact date but it was recent. I was reading an article on how to make your male sexual performance better when I saw a link to a blog post where it was stated that male porn stars use some form of sex boosters to enhance their performances on the set.

Of course I became alert. I have been trying to decipher how these male adult movie stars manage to go almost hours in sex and they don’t get tired. If there is any lead, I was determined to find out. And I did.

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