How Human Rights Abuses Affect Students?

Most students even at the university level know that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) outlines all of the basic rights that each human is deemed to be entitled to. They include the freedom of a human to express himself/herself, to be free from torture, and to have the right to search for asylum. Each of those points is described in details on many online educational sources and nonprofitable websites that mainly aim to increase the awareness.

As a student you can find decent number of samples of human rights essays that prove this point. In fact, these violations have been on a steady rise in the past few years, which is most detrimental for the young impressionable minds of students. This is why you can see how abuse in college, or schools, has become rampant.

What Problems Arise from Human Rights Violations?

The development of the advocacy of human rights has not been a linear process. Over the last couple of decades advancements regarding this subject have remained stagnant or in a few parts of the world, have even declined. Socially disadvantaged societal groups are especially susceptible to this discrimination. This abuse of rights is felt by women, children, ethnic minorities, disabled individuals, refugees, indigenous people and even those living in poverty. Here are two problems arising from such rights’ abuse:

  • Discrimination

The violations come with a number of ramifications which disproportionately affect those who reside in developing and underdeveloped nations owing to compounding factors and difficulties. The marginalisation of groups on the basis of gender identity and even sexual orientation is a major 21st century issue. These also fall under the category of abuse of rights. There exist progressive parts of the globe that have already taken long strides toward the inclusion of the LGBTQIAPK community, the community still gas to endure an unbelievably high amount of stigma. Even a socilogy student can tell you that HIV positive individuals, rape victims, gender-based violence victims, etc. are a few of the other stigmatized cases.  

  • Armed Conflict and Violence

This is another main effect and to touch up on when you write about the effects of rights of humans being abused. This type of abuse brings forth oppression and this oppression will always inevitably lead to armed conflict between the oppressor(s) and the oppressed. Even a small lesson on this subject will help you realise that these violations are guaranteed to end in a form of violence.

How Do Human Rights Violations Affect Students?

Violating or abusing the civil rights is a really important matter of concern. This can have multidimensional impacts not only on the education of a young individual(academic performance), but also the development of his/her  personality. To make matters worse, the student who often finds himself/herself on the receiving end of such violations, will start to harbor an antisocial personality and in all probability start having thoughts of rivalry towards society. Both schools and colleges are witnessing increasing amounts of such violations with bullying school becoming more and more common each day.

Examples of Human Rights Violations 

Despite there being several, the following are a couple of the most common and yet very pertinent examples of Human rights violations, which even a basic lesson on this subject would let you know.

  • Civil and Political Rights

These are violated through genocide, or torture, or even arbitrary arrest. Even the books you can find at the university level, depict how the intersection of human rights violation and the breaking of laws, results in armed conflict.  In fact, arguably even a school book would tell you that suppressing political rights is commonly used by many governments during periods of civil unrest. However, you will not always write specific conflicts as the reasons for the violation of civil and political rights. Human trafficking is presently a massive isuue with millions of men, women, and children being coerced into labor and/or sexual exploitation on a global basis. 

  • Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

The Economic, social, and cultural rights refer to the right to work, the right to an education, and also the right to proper physical and mental health. But these rights can be violated by entities like the State. 

Here are examples of their violations,

  1. Waste from State-owned facilities contaminating water.
  2. Forced eviction from home.
  3. Denying health services and/or information.
  4. Discrimination at work owing to race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
  5. Abuse in college is another such example.

Ending Note 

The fact remains that violation of basic rights of Humans is not stopping anytime soon. So a child will face bullying school and other places. It will be important for guardians and teachers however to guide the hound minds so that they do not get bogged down and can reach the heights they were destined to.

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