How live dealer games differ from casino games?

We love casino games – they’re fun, exhilarating and a great way to try your chances at making some cash! These days there are tons of varieties of casino games, and one of the best examples is live dealer games.

How do these Kingcasino games differ from regular casino games? Don’t worry, we are going to be explaining exactly that! Read on to find out more! Lets discuss:

–          Regular Casino Games

–          The RNG

–          Live Online Casino Games

Regular Casino Games

The traditional casino experience would involve you turning up at your local land-based casino, taking a seat at the roulette or poker table and playing a session alongside a dealer or croupier. This will be a man or woman who will deal your cards, spin the roulette wheel or take any other actions required for an excellent casino game.

People often mention this as one of their favourite parts of being in the casino – the croupiers and dealers often double up as entertainers, and overall enhance the players gambling experience.


With technology steadily taking over the world, it was pretty unsurprising that digital casino games gave birth to the RNG – Random Number Generator.

Instead of having a real-life dealer or croupier in these computer-based games, there is instead a computer function that will randomly generate the cards dealt to the player, the spin of a slot machine, or any other chance-based feature in a casino game. Some people fear that the RNG is replacing the iconic card-dealer, but don’t worry – this simply is not the case.

Live Online Casino Games

Live online casino games offer a glorious compromise between digital and classic games, allowing us to play our favourite casino games online whilst still having a life dealer and no RNG! How is this possible? Well, online casino games now offer a ‘live’ equivalent a dealer in a real casino will have a webcam setup.

The dealer will essentially go through the motions as if you truly were sat at the table with him, and your online game will reflect his actions. There are tons of reasons people life to have a live dealer during an online casino game:        

–          It makes the online casino experience more organic and real

–          The dealer or croupier can often be very entertaining and great to chat to

–          Some people are sceptical of RNGs and would rather have a human deal the odds

Overall, the main difference between live dealer games and regular casino games is that live dealer games are online. However, instead of scrapping the dealer altogether, they simply engage with the player and the game through a webcam and microphone!


Overall, live dealer games essentially offer a platform for dealers and croupiers to exist within an online casino game. The lack of a dealer and the ever-presence of the RNG is a classic reason for people to be put off online casino games, so live dealer games truly offer the perfect compromise. Our casinos truly do look after us!

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