How Safe Is It To Purchase An Essay Online?

Nowadays, many students apply for help with writing and/or editing their college assignments. Even though there is always a risk of fraud. This article is a guide on how to make it safe and buy a paper online without any risk of failure. 

The survey showed that every third student asked for help from an academic service on writing. Needless to say that it is highly important for students to be aware of making an order online safe and whether they can ask for such assistance at all. 

How to purchase a paper on the web

There is a wide range of services for those who want to purchase papers online. To buy papers in general and essays of any difficulty level in particular online is no longer a problem because you can find an essay writer and a writing service for a few minutes surfing online.  Such a purchase will save your time on writing a paper. 

It is safe enough to purchase an essay or any other type of a college assignment online if it is completed from scratch by a professional writer. The matter of safety depends upon the service on writing you applied. Getting it from an experienced writer makes it to where it is safe and legal.  Along with that, it is unsafe buying them from openly accessible databases, where there is a risk of being caught. 

If you receive an essay from a company, which resells a ready-made paper, it is unsafe due to high chances of plagiarism. These essays are made copies of and resold to lots of people online. Turnitin will define such a paper as plagiarized for sure. 

Rules to follow when getting a paper online

  • Keep it private. Many students have this idea of how important it is for their accounts to be anonymous. There are students who mention the names of their colleges. It is clear that some assignments are followed with specific requirements, which are typical for certain colleges. 
  • Don`t tell where you study. Do not ever mention any private information as for the name of your college or courses taken when talking with essay authors. Be sure all the info you share with a writing agency are checked and delete any references to the place of your study, teacher, and other personal information. 
  • Avoid public internet. There is a digital trail on the web after whatever is done by you online. If you are wanted to be found, you can easily be found if to follow your correspondence with an agency on writing essays. Luckily, there is more than one way to save your confidentiality. For instance, you may use VPN. In doing so, you hide your IP-address, so it can`t be found on your PC or any other gadget. There is even an option to hide your location like you are on some other continent!

Is it legal to buy papers on the web?

There is nothing illegal about paying someone for writing your paper. It is a matter of ethics though what kind of help you received. If it helps with editing and proofreading, such type of assistance is worth using.

In spite of everything, it will be quite difficult for colleges to find and catch students applying for online help. Your manuscript requires editing in such a way so that your name was mentioned not on the cover sheet only but was also authored by you. 

However, it may be contrary to guidelines on behalf of a person applying for a paper. Sometimes, it is called academic cheating. Is it though? Perhaps, it depends upon in what way you show your paper at college?

If somebody composes a paper and does research for you while you simply put your name under the work, that is considered academic cheating. But if let’s say, 4 people read your essay each of whom will contribute ideas and proposals, which make changes to the final result is another story.

How to receive a paper without being caught

Simple as that. Just make changes where authorship and property rights of the file are mentioned and you will never be caught purchasing a paper online. Make sure it is original and that property rights belong to you. 

To put it simply, buying a paper on the web is safe if you get property rights of the paper from an inquiry service. This is a basic rule, which works for business, study, life, and science. At the same time, you must know that it is not illegal to send an essay you got help with. It is about how you want to manage your time and your priorities. 

Taking into account these causes, it is natural that college students, who combine work and study, are in need of help. They strive for getting a higher education; therefore, there is nothing wrong with them about receiving help. Receiving a degree is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort and dedication, which is why don`t hesitate to ask for help when you need it most. 

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