How Smart Agents Use Technology to Send Hotsheets to Their Clients

Keeping tabs on your property is essential to making sure it’s being well-managed. If your property is overrun with pesky neighbors, or you accidentally let a dangerous tenant into your building, you need to be able to respond quickly and get things back to normal as soon as possible.

This is where technology comes in. Smart estate agents know that a smartphone is always nearby. And with the right app, a user can keep tabs on their properties from anywhere, at any time. This article explains what hot sheets are, the different types of hot sheets, and how smart estate agents use technology to send them.

What Are Hotsheets?

Hot sheets are computer software programs that are used to create virtual maps of real estate properties. The software allows users to see property details, like price history, recent sales, and eviction information. It’s also possible to send alerts to nearby vendors when a property is due to be renovated, or when a tenant has broken rules.

How Smart Agents Use Hotsheets

A hot sheet is a software tool that allows real estate agents to keep tabs on their properties from the comfort of their own homes. When a property is due for inspection, a smart agent can log in to the computer and see live data about the property.

From there, the agent can schedule a visit, make follow-up calls, and take photos if needed. With a few taps, the agent can even set up a virtual tour and see the property from the inside out.

Smart Hotsheets Can Save You Time

The days of running around town to check on properties are gone. Smart real estate agents save time using hot sheets by being able to do everything from one place. If a property needs a little TLC, you can see the interior in detail, and contact the vendor to make an appointment.

If there are issues with the property, you can take photos and send them to vendors for repair. By using Showcase IDX’s hotsheet generator, smart agents save time and money.

Hotsheet Technology is Affordable

If you want to be smart, you need to use technology that makes your life easier. Hot sheets allow real estate agents and vendors alike to stay on top of their game in an affordable way. The software is affordable for everyone, including individuals looking for a second income or companies trying out new business models. When it comes down to it, hot sheets are just smarter than other methods of monitoring properties!

The Benefits of Smart Agents Using Hotsheets

A hot sheet is a great way to keep an eye on a large number of properties at once. With a hot sheet, you don’t have to strain your eyes looking for details. With a computer nearby, you can see exactly what your real estate agent sees. This is especially useful if you have a Timer task sequence where everyone works from home. You can set up a hot sheet that lets everyone see the same data, without having to trek to the office. 

Types of Hotsheets Smart Estate Agencies Can Send

There are many different types of hot sheets. The most common are feature-based, which lets the user see only what they have access to, and data-driven, which shows data in a user-friendly way. Feature-based hot sheets let users see only what they need to see. If there is a garage door opener in the neighborhood, you will see that icon in your menu. Data-driven hot sheets let users see what they want to see.


While it might seem like a daunting task to keep track of every property in your area, a smart agent can help you out. With a hot sheet, you can see what’s happening at every property in your area. You can see if anyone is trying to break in. You can see if the person is using the service correctly. You can see if anyone is using the service at all! Using a hot sheet, you’ll never have to wonder what’s happening to your property again.

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