How To Avoid Plagiarism In Content To Boost SEO Rankings

Plagiarism is a big source of concern when it comes to ranking, and most websites do not perform well because of it.

Plagiarism is described as taking content from another website or publisher and using it for your purposes without properly citing it.

Everyone wants to improve the site’s ranking, but this can only be accomplished by better optimization and content strategy.

Google’s crawlers are capable of detecting duplicate content on your website, and if they do, it will affect your rating.

In this post, we’ll go over how to spot plagiarism and how to stop it on your website.

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Google’s Panda Update: An Overview

The Google Panda Algorithm scans your content and website to determine where it should be ranked.

After some time, this algorithm is modified, and you must customize the site accordingly. One of the most significant changes to this algorithm was the requirement that the website contains the plagiarism-free text to rank higher.

Furthermore, the algorithms assess the content’s consistency. The uniqueness of the content is very critical in qualitative interventions.

You should be worried about plagiarism if you are copying content from other websites or stealing the concept for a piece of content from previously published content.

Plagiarism will cause a slew of issues for your website. The original author of the content will first notify you, and if the original author does not find the content that you copied, the search engine will.

Search engine crawlers are intelligent enough to identify content originality and penalize websites that plagiarize.

To stop it, here are some ways to stay away from plagiarism while also maintaining and improving your website’s ranking.

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Methods of avoiding Plagiarism

Before you proceed with the steps to avoid duplicate content, you need to know which part of your writing is plagiarized.

For this, a plagiarism Checker is useful as it automatically detects the part of your writing which is plagiarized. For example, it will use billions of website’s contents to find any similar data in your writing.

However, below are the steps you must take for avoiding plagiarism.   

1. Bring your concept

When writing content on a particular subject, instead of copying the website’s concept, try to write in your ideas.

This does not imply that you should abandon the original idea; rather, the content should be written with the same concept but a different structure.

Now, the best way to approach this challenge is to do more research to gain more insight into the subject and concepts.

This will take a long time, but it is important to create better and unique content. This will improve your writing output while also assisting you in producing high-quality content for your readers.

Readers come to your website looking for both knowledge and original content that has never been seen before on the internet.

2. Gather information from a variety of sources

There is a possibility of plagiarism when reading an article to write a similar one because the content you are reading is minimal.

Not only that, but your written content from a single source would not be insightful, but it would also be limited in quantity and consistency.

Your content would be higher, including the definition, quantity, and plagiarism-free, as a result of reading numerous sources.

Look for more websites to visit and read the content on them. You can easily gather general ideas by reading as much data as possible, with very little risk of plagiarism.

3. Go for Paraphrasing Technique

Another way to stop the plagiarism of the content is to rephrase it. Paraphrasing is the process of replacing terms or phrases with synonyms to avoid plagiarism.

The paraphrasing can be achieved using online resources that are available for free and convert the content instantly.

Since paraphraser not only alters the words but also enhances the consistency of the content due to the unusual range of words, paraphrasing is the best way to avoid plagiarism.

Advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence are used for paraphrasing. The paraphrasing is performed in such a way that the content’s original meaning is preserved.

4. Give credit to the source

Giving proper credit to the source is the most suitable way to use someone else’s content in your writing. If you want to use someone else’s content, you should ask permission and reference the source.

The citation refers to giving credit by mentioning the original author’s name, the source’s name, and the content’s subject.

Citing the source has a positive effect on your site’s search engine rankings because the algorithms would consider your content to be free of plagiarism.

It is also advised that you have a connection to the source to direct traffic to the original article.

The source can be cited using a variety of citation forms. The following are some of the citation methods:

• MLA (Modern Language Association) Citation

• APA (American Psychological Association) Citation

• Chicago Citation

A citation to the source you used for your copied content can be made using a variety of online resources the Citation machine.

5. Citing a source

To make your content real, you may need to write the sentence in its original form in blog posts or web content.

This can be accomplished by quoting the sentence you’re copying from the other website and referencing it in your source.

If you’re writing about social media, for example, you’ll need to include some researched content in your content. To stop plagiarism, you can now quote it along with the citation while writing the original study.

Final Verdict

Using plagiarized content was once not a big deal, but now, thanks to intelligent tools and bots, it can be a serious offense for your website.

Before publishing your content, you should always search for plagiarism online, and the methods mentioned above will help you avoid plagiarism.

Even though the best method requires original writing, the methods mentioned above would be beneficial to you.

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