How To Choose An Effecting Naming For Your Brand

A brand, over the course of years, must acquire the ability to lightning-fast attract the attention of its consumer, capturing their gaze and consideration in no time at all. If it manages to do this even from the very beginning, that is, from the very early stages of the company’s existence, its advantage over its competitors will be doubled, even tripled.

A company has many options for ingratiating itself with its consumers, for constantly attracting their attention: it can do so through the quality of its products, to be continually improved with unique or innovative features, through its reputation, consolidated over long years of work and constant presence in a given territory, or even through sensitivity to certain issues, such as sustainability, respect for the environment or the protection of certain minorities.

A company can also learn to devise practical ways to win over its consumers, perhaps after a period of crisis that has threatened its survival, or after a complicated phase in which sales performance has dropped dramatically.

However, in order to achieve the best results, but also to maintain a certain consistency, it is necessary for brands to start honing their attractiveness right from the start, also through skilful use of the communication techniques made available by modernity and the strong push towards digitalization

An eye-catcher 

To attract the gaze of a potential consumer, sometimes all it takes is a single word, a gesture or a small movement noticed by chance in a promotional video, the gaze of a famous person. Think of the advertising content you notice every day on social media: the most effective ones are those that manage to stop our attention in a split second, for seemingly inexplicable reasons.

This content, in most cases, is characterised by the presence of small moving elements: human silhouettes, winking faces, small aeroplanes, and many more. Regardless of the content of the image, our gaze involuntarily fixes on them, because in the nature of their movement there is something that mysteriously captures our attention.

It is as if the brain, caught off guard by a movement it was not expecting – such as a sudden zoom on a moving graphic element – decides on its own to want to know more, pausing for a few moments on the content and trying to penetrate its meaning.

This temporary pause may last up to two or three seconds, but for the purposes of branding, it is more than enough. The logo or brand name will have inevitably fixed itself in the mind of the user, who has associated it with that unique feeling of curiosity triggered by the moving graphic content. Our eyes will always stop on this content, it is stronger than us, and we cannot avoid it in any way. 

The power of the written word 

The written word can also play a decisive role in winning the consumer’s attention. We are not only talking about the textual content to be disseminated via the website, social media or newsletter but also and above all about the naming, the names of the brands, which in some cases will indelibly imprint itself in the mind of any observer.

To achieve this effect, you will have to devote hours of your time to choose an original name that will stand out even among your competitors, and that will immediately jump out at your consumers.

Company names consisting of two or even three words are never very effective: for best effect, you should choose a single, simple word with which to make your brand recognisable to all your (present and future) consumers. It should be a unique word, never used before so that you stand out even more for your obvious creativity.

Some brands have already used this strategy magnificently: within some portals specialised in online gambling, one can find casino sites characterised by extremely attractive and exciting names, capable of anticipating the pleasure one will get from playing them.

Some of the best online casinos in India, for example, have names so evocative that they make the gaming experience even more enjoyable, and even more immersive, allowing each player to immerse themselves in the reality of entertainment without a care in the world.

The great choice of games on the site, together with the very useful reviews written by industry experts, will help every player to enjoy their online entertainment experience to the fullest, even trying out innovative game modes such as the one centred on the figure of the live dealer, a real-life croupier with whom to interact in real-time, and redeeming exclusive bonuses that always await new players. 

In the name of a brand or company is contained its entire destiny: only time will tell whether the initial choice was effective, or whether it will be necessary to make a drastic change in the naming (with all the negative consequences that entails). A name chosen with care, with originality, can accompany a company throughout its life, lasting over time and carrying with it those intangible values that form the true corporate culture.

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