How to Improve Players Ranking and Reach 99 in NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 brings an exciting game mode that covers various basketball experiences: With improvements in visual presentation, player AI, game modes, etc., NBA 2K21 has re-raised the threshold of basketball, making it the most realistic and authentic The basketball video game is a step higher.

Feel the audience’s energy, the intensity of NBA games, and the entertainment value of today’s most addictive sports games; the advanced Pro Stick can provide you with more ball control than ever. Achieve a higher level of accuracy and skill through targeted jump shots and layups, and unlock new dribbling moves through more effective ball control.

Put your favorite NBA stars and basketball legends together in My Team mode and compete with other enthusiastic collectors from all over the world. As a new feature of NBA 2K21, limited seasons provide unique rewards in the new and recurring MyTEAM mode. 

Have you started your sports career with the mysterious Epic Games NBA 2k21 for Free? Now you want to be the new Michael Jordan and succeed in the MyCareer model? Are you looking for a way to reach the top quickly?

This is the answer that many gamers are trying to find. And I’m already moving forward, there is no fixed, fast, easy way to make the total number of games reach 99, and you have to play a lot of fun and get good results in the game to achieve the highest level of goals. But if you are here, it’s because you want the secret to success, not a motivational phrase.

Here, we introduce you to the methods and techniques to improve your ranking in NBA 2K21 to reach level 99 as quickly as possible.

Here is how to quickly improve your ranking in NBA 2K21

If you started with a custom player in MyCareer mode, your score would be inadequate, and you need to do something to rank it overall. How do you get a higher total score in NBA 2K21?

The fastest way is, of course, to pay. You can buy NBA 2K VC coins with real money to directly improve your ranking. Like NBA2K MT game currency, VC allows you to automatically upgrade players and repeat this process until your overall score reaches 85.

There are many ways to earn NBA 2K21 MT. You can also buy NBA 2K21 VC and sell it as a bundle DLC. For example, you can purchase VC packages on Steam.

To score 21 points in NBA 99K2, you must first reach 85 points. No, it seems obvious, but let’s continue to see the prompts because getting a total of 99 is more complicated than reaching a whole level of 85. After reaching the total level of 85, you need to earn XP to improve the player’s overall status and rank in NBA 2K21.

You need to earn MyPoints to reach the limit. Once the limit is reached, he goes to the next level, and then his total is increased. You can get different experiences in different ways. The higher the overall score, the more you need to fill in the restrictions. If your players perform well in the game, you can get good results and earn the most significant rewards, which will help your players qualify faster.

Spending real money on this sports game is undoubtedly the fastest way to succeed. But please calm down and let us try to get there by playing free games without spending money.

Climb to the top in NBA 2k21

After reaching a total of 95, the total time will fluctuate by 99, depending on how well you play. Every time you increase your NBA 2K21 ranking to between 95 and 99, all your attributes will get +1. Therefore, when the total number reaches 99, you can get the maximum attribute value.

Warehouse challenge

When you start, you will pass through Rookieville (Novice Village), and once you are eligible for Rookieville’s Pro 1 qualification, you can access the map. After completing the first mission, go to your 2K Journal and focus on the new warehouse challenge of NBA 2K21. There, you must meet 24 challenges and earn a badge to improve your ranking in NBA 2K21.

Go to the town to find non-player characters, chat with these characters, and you will be able to unlock the challenges in the warehouse. Camp challenges can easily earn you more than half of the badges.

Currently, the main goal of focus is to obtain a promotional badge. Only focus on shooting in these warehouse games. You will not attack. Ideally, you will miss it, and you will not have all the badges, but it will help you understand the best shooting range and improve your goals overall.

If there is space between you and the opposing player, dribble them and do your best to shoot as fast as possible and stay free so that you can also play a defensive role and try to bounce every time the computer shoots. 

If you win the Warehouse Challenge, you will get more points, and you may get the new highest overall score, badge points, NBA 2K21 VC, and your MyRep level will be updated to 2. If you miss these challenges, you can repeat them.

Jordan Rec Center

Jordan Rec Center is a great way to improve your ranking in NBA 2K21 and win many badges. This may be the best way to get the defensive badge and help you gain the most reputation. The most important thing is the thing you want to compete with the five defenders the most.

You want to play in the 2-3 zone. This zone has the primary point guard and points guard in front and the other three players in the back. The pivot is in the middle, and there are two people behind. Therefore, when you play zone 2-3 with your teammates, you can ensure that you get many blocks and get a lot of defensive badges.

More tips to bring your total to 99

The first thing you must do is play for a great team like the Los Angeles Lakers in MyCareer mode. You can also play for other teams, but it is much more challenging to get high scores in this mode than playing for minors. Either way, you should be able to compete in a large team.

Usually, build a large team based on your attributes and team. If you are a good person, go to the Houston Rockets. If you are good at defense, go to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The second is that you must be a beginner to the team. No matter which team you play for, please make sure you are a starting player, not a substitute. Try to start the game on the court instead of on the bench.

In addition, each position has restrictions on specific attributes. When selecting players, you need to understand that not every position can get the total maximum value of this attribute.

Use the team’s training function to get badges and raise MyPlayer. Before creating a version for your players, check out the best NBA 2K21 badges.

Finally, go to MyCAREER settings and customize options. You must play at the Hall of Fame difficulty level and set the game time to 12 minutes. This model provides you with higher scores and experience.

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