How To Write The Name Of A Book In An Essay

Students know that a careless student’s life simply doesn`t exist. Students have a lot of tasks to handle. While some tasks are easier to handle, others might take a lot of time and effort. 

Say, for example, essays. They might not seem too complicated. But the truth is that a usual essay might hide a lot of details. For example, what can you do if you are asked to embed in the text the name of a source that you have used? First, it seems easy and straightforward until you start researching or until you have a more attentive look at the requirements that your teacher has provided.

It all depends on the style in which you have to write your essay. No, we don`t mean those usual meanings of “style” you have learned about at school. When it comes to college writing, you need to know that the main styles you are going to use are:

  • APA style;
  • MLA style;
  • Chicago style.

If you have difficulties with such things, it is better to use essay writing services by SmartWritingService maintained by professional academic writers, at least until you learn how to cite the sources. And for now, let us check how to do it in different citation styles.

APA Style, Write Citation Sources Correctly

Thus, the APA style. Let us start with the main rules, and further, we move to the smallest details that might still influence your grade.

So, let us start with the main rules:

  • You shall capitalize all words that have more than four letters. The capitalization of the first word is mandatory, of course, and it doesn’t matter how many letters it has.
  • If the word consists of two parts, and you use a hyphen between them, capitalize both words.
  • If you use a dash or a colon, capitalize the next word after them.
  • Do not use italics for the name of the book. Usually, quotation marks are used for the purpose. However, if the citation is taken from the Bible or a dictionary, use italics. 
  • Further, you need to mention the book author. There are special rules on how to do it, too. 
  • You write the surname of the author and add the initials of the first and middle names. Though the initials of all the middle names aren’t needed, just omit them.
  • If there are several authors, use a comma to separate their data. 

MLA Style, the Specifics of Writing a Book Name

Writing a book name in MLA style differs from including it in APA style. The main rules for MLA style are the following:

  • The book name is italicized. A subtitle, if it is available, is divided with a colon.
  • The author`s name is provided before the book title. You write first the author’s last name. It is followed by the author`s initials.  
  • Finally, you mention the book`s publisher and the year of publishing. 
  • All in all, it shall look like this:
  • Author’s last name, initials. Book title in italics: Book subtitle. Publisher name. The year of publishing.

Writing a Book Name in Chicago Style Is Similar to Writing a Book Name in MLA style

If you are requested to use the Chicago style, you shall know that mentioning a book in this style is almost the same as mentioning it in MLA style. In Chicago style, you shall use capitalization for all the nouns, verbs, and adjectives. 

The book name and all the punctuation marks also shall be italicized. 

Sometimes, These Details Seem to Be Too Complicated

Luckily, you don’t even need to remember all those rules when you are writing an essay and need to mention a source. There are plenty of free citing tools online. All you need to do is to provide specific information if the fields. Then, you press a button and get the source mentioned in the style you need.

It happens that you still prefer to have your work done all manually. In such a case, your solution is a paid writing service. There, you don’t need even to order an entire essay and pay for it. There are a lot of companies that offer to make the sources only. 

All that is required from you is to place your order on such a website and to specify your request. In your case, you shall include the teacher`s or college requirements, mention the style and the book data. 

Final Thoughts

Now, you know all ins and outs of mentioning a book in your essay. You have learned how to do it in different styles. And if it was not of much help, we have even told you other ways to get your book cited without making too much effort. 

The thing is that now, you don’t really need to keep in mind all those complex things. The internet is full of information and resources where you can get timely and efficient help. If you insist though, you can try to include the book title with all the mentioned attributes on your own, and then, compare with the results that a special tool has provided or with the citing made by a specialist. It will help you in the future and for sure, you will not worry about possible errors. 

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