How Unique Is Your Name?

Do you want to know how many other people have the same name as yours? Then this guide is for you as we are going to discuss the ways to know how unique your name is.


One of the best and quickest methods is to use a Leadar. Do you have a particular last name or are you just curious about the possible relatives you could have around the world?

It is already possible to know how many people have the same surnames on their passports thanks to a website called Leadar. In addition, you can use this site to see how many people with the same name work in the same professional sphere – fun, right?

The truth is that this website can help with discovering something as prosaic as the number of people who have the same last name and also how they are distributed around the US, which can make us surprised and eager to learn more about those people.

To find the specific section in which you can consult both the frequency and the states in which names are most repeated, you have to go to the website. After that, you will only have to insert your last name, or the first or second. After that, this website reveals how many people in the US have your last name in no time. After the search, Leadar also will show us the position to know if we have one of the most common jobs.

Search on social networks:

One of the best ways to know how unique your name is is to find it on the internet today by searching social networks. Practically all people have a profile on some social network, even if they don’t use it daily.

There are many social networks on which someone can have an online presence, so we are going to discuss how you can find out how unique a name is and search for other people with it on the main social media channels. And some tricks that you may not have known will be revealed along the way. There are many more besides those listed, although you are less likely to have a presence on them unless they are for a hobby or interest of yours. Keep reading because we will tell you more.

Search on LinkedIn:

On LinkedIn, it will only take a few seconds to find other people who have the same name or surname as yours. In any case, if you write the full name, you can get an idea of ​​whether it is the person with the same life by comparing information such as the city, where they have worked, or any other relevant information, including the contacts they have. People usually use their real names on LinkedIn, so the information you find is trustworthy and reliable.

Search for a person on Facebook:

In the case of Facebook, the advice is to use all possible filters as long as you know the information of the people who have the same name or surname as yours.

Almost all social networks have a search engine within them. In the case of Facebook, all users are registered by their name and surname, and we can also use a location filter to focus our search and narrow down results. Therefore, by knowing someone’s name and surname, as well as their location, if they have a profile on the social network, we can find each other relatively easily.

But sometimes people use alias or fake names to use Facebook, so your results might be not as trustworthy as those on LinkedIn.

Search for people with the same name/surname on Twitter and Instagram:

In the case of Twitter, if people use their real name and surname, the search engine will also help us find the list of all persons who have the same name as yours, just like on Instagram. Now, if they have a username that differs from their name, even if not much, you will not find them. So you might get an idea that your name is more unique than it actually is

Use people search websites:

Another great way to learn how unique your name is is by looking it up on people’s search websites. Those websites collect huge databases of people and details about them from open public resources. You can find their age, profession, location, contacts, and other information along with their name. 

There are many people searching websites to try. Start with Spokeo, Nuwber, or BeenVerified. 


That’s it for this guide on ways to know how unique your name is. Try the above-mentioned methods and you will surely find out other people with the same name and/or surname as yours.

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